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OK, I have had it. President Trump is the most honest, fair, kind, smartest president we probably ever had. And for the Oelwein newspaper to dedicate a whole page of dishonest “cartoons” is disgusting. This man has done more for America in four years than any other president! And with little to no help. He and his family have been under constant ridicule by the meanest, crooked, rotten, lying, cheating dishonest Democrats to ever hold office in Congress! The lying, unfair, biased fake media is pathetic. These clowns do not deserve a salary. They make my stomach turn! Fake news, Trump could not have called it any better. The social media has sided with the Democrats and fake news organizations! They should be broken up and owners put in jail!

As for Biden, he is not presidential material. He is feeble, has no backbone and is controlled by China. I know the fake media has got him this far. But if he doesn’t buckle under their authority, he will be out. And then we will have a b.... and a witch in the White House! What they spread you use toilet paper to wipe up! To save face this newspaper should publish a whole edition dedicated to all the fine accomplishments President Trump has done! As for the election, selectively crooked and stolen by the Democrats.

Paul Ganske, Oelwein

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