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COVID-19 stinks! We all know it and we all feel it, so we might as well say it publicly. It has changed many things for us and kept us from doing many of the things we want to. In the name of safety for ourselves and our loved ones we have to make hard choices.

The Old Tyme Christmas celebration once again has to modify its activities. While it makes us sad to not have the full fun benefit of Old Tyme Christmas this year, we are also very grateful that Deb Howard and Carolyn Spence and the OCAD Board of Directors have made a commitment to keep as many of the activities as they safely can, while also adhering to the new mandates made by Gov. Kim Reynolds.

One of these events is the annual Grinch competition. We already started it, voting is taking place, and we plan to crown a Grinch. It won’t be in the traditional public way that we all love, but there will be a Grinch and every person that is able to, is encouraged to help us make it happen in as big of a way as we possibly can.

Our Grinch candidates are ready and waiting for your votes. Perhaps you have not voted because you can’t choose between them or actually don’t know any one of them. The good news is that you don’t have to know them to vote for them. They are not doing this for themselves, but for the community by supporting the work of the Community Kitchen Cupboard to help struggling families.

If you were planning to make a donation to the Cupboard anyway this year, why not at the same time throw your support to one or all of our Grinch candidates? Did you know that a $5 donation would give one vote to every candidate and then you wouldn’t have to make a choice?

If you want to choose, here are some tips to help you. Mary Beth Steggall, Middle School principal promised her students that she would move her office to the roof of the middle school if and when her campaign reached a certain level of votes. She is getting awfully close to that amount right now, and admit it, wouldn’t we all love to see her on the roof in a cold Iowa winter? She has a Donor’s Choice Go Fund me that can be found under “GOFUNDME.COM Steggall for Grinch” that is a convenient online option for voting.

Matt Nelson, Dollar Fresh manager, is a newcomer to town. He stated in his bid for Grinch that he feels he was born to be Grinch and has found his purpose. A vote for Matt brings him closer to fulfilling his destiny. Matt has signs set up by the cash registers at Dollar Fresh where you can donate a dollar to his campaign. The good news is that you can ask to donate more than a dollar if you want to.

Todd Bradley, physical therapist at Performance Rehab made the claim to have caused you pain at some time when he did your therapy. Here is your chance to cause him pain by making it public that he really is your favorite Grinch.

Bill Brownell, transit driver for Grandview Healthcare Center may have taken you in the van to run errands or to a doctor appointment, or may have possibly done that for someone you know. Bill always has a big ready smile on his face, but we suspect it is only meant to cover his “true lifelong Grinch and extremely proud of it” persona.

Katy Solsma Bell is young, cute, a newlywed, and a financial advisor along with her dad at Edward Jones. She claims that COVID-19 is turning her into a Grinch and she wants to bypass the holidays and move right on to 2021. A vote for Katy just may be a vote for a better year than the one we are having.

Our message is to have fun and help us crown an official “Oelwein Covid Grinch” this year by casting your vote or votes for any one candidate or for all of the candidates! Every dollar donated casts one vote and will be used to help purchase food items for the Cupboard. The Kitchen Cupboard and the people who go there for help are the real winners.

Votes may be made at the candidate’s place of work, at the OCAD office at 6 South Frederick, Monday-Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Fridays from 9 a.m. to noon, at the Community Kitchen Cupboard at 31 First Ave. N.E. (lower level of the First Baptist Church — knock on the third window from the street to get our attention) on Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to noon or Fridays from 1-4 p.m. You may bring them in person or put them in the mail, but remember to include a note as to who your votes are for and get your vote in by noon on Thursday, Dec. 3 to make it count.

We are eagerly looking forward to counting your votes!

Mary Kalb and Carol Hamilton

Coordinators for the Old Tyme Christmas Grinch Contest

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