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The freshman Homecoming window decorating crew spends Sunday afternoon painting its designated windows in downtown Oelwein. Not everyone on the crew had quite made it into high school, yet. The freshmen got a hand from young Kolby Steinlage, in front.

In the spirit of full disclosure, it must be told that the Oelwein High School freshmen had a ringer on their squad decorating windows downtown Sunday afternoon.

The Homecoming tradition of painting business windows is one of the competitions among the four grade classes at the school, after all.

At first glance of the quality of the husky dog that Sam Dietrich brushed onto a window of the old Iowa Motors building, you could suppose she was the ringer. But no, she is a true Oelwein freshman.

And, the other crews working on windows throughout downtown also had quality artists at their beck-and-call.

The sophomores, for example, relied on Bella Reinhart to create an optical illusion of sorts at the entry of the Serbro storefront off South Frederick. On a window nearest to the street, she made half of a husky dog face, then she made the other half on a window more deeply inset in the entryway. You can see the full face if you are at just the right angle

in front of the store.

The seniors were around the corner at the Studio 17 salon and the Subway restaurant. As Cameren Palmer was putting final touches on a part of the Subway display he mentioned that he knew the life-size football player that filled the entry door. It was him — with glowing yellow eyes.

The sophomores got a little bit of a later start on Sunday, as they painted the Grand Theatre and Tindell Shoes windows.

But in all the activity — as well as the purple, gold, green, red, yellow, orange and white paint being brushed about — was the freshman team’s ringer.

Young Kolby Steinlage, who was spotted with a roller of green paint as he slathered a base coat for an illustration at the Iowa Motors building, was the ringer. It wasn’t that he was any kind of professional artist at the age of 4. However, he knows how to win, a key component for any team.

Steinlage placed first in his age class at the 30th annual State Pedal Pull Championship on Saturday, Sept. 7 in Marshalltown. He’s eligible to compete next at the national competition on Sept. 21 at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota.

But first, he had another task at hand, helping the freshmen win on the windows.

More activities

Oelwein Homecoming activities continue today with the Career Day dress up day at the district schools. Students were invited to dress in the uniform/style of a career they are interested in.

Then, Tuesday is Decades Day. Pick a favorite decade and fad to wear for the day.

Wednesday is Super Hero/Character Day. Students can dress like their favorite super hero or character that day.

Thursday is Class Color day. The following grades and colors apply: freshmen, pre-k, third and seventh graders – white; sophomores, kindergarten, fourth and eighth graders – green; juniors, first and fifth graders – pink; and seniors, second and sixth graders – black.

Friday is Purple and Gold day and of course everyone is encouraged to wear the school colors proudly. A pep rally to get everybody fired up for the homecoming game will take place at 1:15 p.m. in the high school gym.