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Oelwein boys varsity on Jan. 14, 2020

With Oelwein bowling head coach Keith Juchem are the Huskies who bowled varsity on Tuesday against Cascade at Viper Lanes. Pictured from left, are Collin Ricchio, Tyler Hosto, Austin Hoover, Hunter Penhollow, Juchem, Austin Espe and Jestin Espe.

OELWEIN — Collin Ricchio and Hunter Penhollow stood above all the varsity bowlers Tuesday night at Viper Lanes as the Huskies defeated Cascade 2,456 pins to 2,156.

Ricchio, who leads the team in converting spare opportunities at 87 percent, rolled a 373 series (182, 191), followed by Penhollow’s 347 (146, 201), Jestin Espe’s 302 (175, 127), Tyler Hosto’s 290 (132, 158), Austin Espe’s 289 (134, 155) and Austin Hoover’s 288 (150, 138).

Penhollow’s 201 game was his high for the season, topping the 195 he rolled at Viper Lanes on Dec. 6 against Forest City. He had a run of four strikes beginning in the 6th frame.

Oelwein went into the baker games with a lead. After the individual games the Huskies had 1,601 pins to 1,480.

The Huskies started strong in the bakers with a 224-136 game 1. Then Oelwein won game 2 189-116, game 4 166-153 and game 5 162-124. Cascade won game 3 146-114.

Oelwein’s baker games total was 855 to Cascade’s 675.

Through the first six matches of the season, Oelwein’s average match score was 2,441, individual game average was 161 and baker game average was 167.

Oelwein had only three girls to field for varsity, so the team match was forfeit. Brielle Belden rolled the high series for the Huskies with a 230 (117, 113), followed by Shalymar Evens’ 213 (119, 94) and Jazmin T’s 188 (83, 105)


The Huskies travel to Lilac Lanes in West Union on Thursday to take on North Fayette Valley in a 4 p.m. match.