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ARLINGTON — Area cross country runners fared decently among the 26 girls teams and 27 boys teams that competed at the Starmont Invitational on Tuesday.

Owing to the size of the meet, the top 30 individuals medaled at this meet, Oelwein head coach Jason Gearhart said.


Team-wise, the Starmont/West Central Star Devils girls placed third with 155 points, the top area team placement on either side.

Sophomore Anita Vaske led the Star Devils with 22 minutes, 15.80 seconds, good for 16th overall, 14 team points and a medal, junior Makenzie Plagman followed with 22:20.37, for 19th, 17 points and a medal, then junior Mya Vaske, 22:50.38, for 29th, 27 points and a medal; freshman Annika Kent-Thomas, in 23:21.77, was 41st for 38 points, and senior Raquel Rosburg, in 24:11.98 for 64th, 59 team points.

The Starmont/West Central girls team slipped one place in the new team rankings out Wednesday, to fifth in Class 2A, behind, in northeast Iowa, the Jesup girls who remained third. Starmont’s Kenna Meisgeier is ranked 15th individually as of Wednesday, following Jesup’s Amanda Treptow (fifth) and Clare Wright (10th).

“We’re missing our top girl today,” head coach Charlie Gruman said, “but the other ones still stepped up, so if we had Kenna you never know. It just showed how much depth we have in our team when the other ones still ran really hard. Most of them did not run their best today, they were pretty upset with times, which just shows the level they want to be for the year.”

Based on summer running practice sheets, Gruman said the girls logged “from 100 to, our top girl ran over 600 miles this summer.”

The Starmont boys placed 12th overall with 306 team points. They had the ninth-place finisher, junior Henry Hayes completing in 18:12.75 for nine team points; sophomore Charlie Sieck was close behind at 18:15.05 for 12th and 12 points. Both also medaled.

“The next three weeks, we get on some faster courses … smoother ground,” Gruman said. “You’re always racing the clock too. That’s the nice thing about cross country, there is no bench.” He said he has 48 kids out for cross country from grades 7-12, and emphasized they are helping clean up the course too.


12th with 306 team points.

Scorers were, 9 HAYES, Henry JR Starmont 9 18:12.75

12 SIECK, Charlie SO Starmont 12 18:15.05

90 WITTMAN, Connor JR Starmont 79 21:19.14

109 WEDO, Braydon SO Starmont 95 21:55.98

128 MOORE, Elijah SO Starmont 111 24:08.18


3rd with 155 team points.

16 VASKE, Anita SO Starmont 14 22:15.80

19 PLAGMAN, Makenzie JR Starmont 17 22:20.37

29 VASKE, Mya JR Starmont 27 22:50.38

41 KENT-THOMAS, Annika FR Starmont 38 23:21.77

64 ROSBURG, Raquel SR Starmont 59 24:11.98


Although the Wapsie Valley Warrior girls were one runner short of the five needed for team placement, their top two ran the fastest among the girls in our local coverage area, in the upper 21-minute range. Warriors junior Sydnie Martin ran the 3.1 mile course in 21:49.91 for 11th overall, tailed by freshman Ava VanDaele at 21:51.72 for 12th.

“I was very happy with the way we ran in a very tough meet,” Warriors head coach Justin Davie said. “We continue to make strides each and every meet.”

Wapsie’s top boy, senior Josiah Rulapaugh, ran the course in 21:25 for 92nd.


11 MARTIN, Sydnie JR Wapsie Valley — 21:49.91

12 VANDAELE, Ava FR Wapsie Valley — 21:51.72

73 SCHMIT, Macey SR Wapsie Valley — 24:32.68

96 BODENSTEINER, Mary JR Wapsie Valley — 25:38.43


92 RULAPAUGH, Josiah SR Wapsie Valley — 21:25.00

127 BRAM, Garrett SR Wapsie Valley — 24:07.23


Team-wise, the North Fayette Valley TigerHawks boys and girls each placed seventh.

The boys had 211 team points.

Senior Peyton Halverson not only led TigerHawk team scoring but also had the fastest overall time in our area at 17:55.13 for a fifth-place overall medal and just five team points.

The NFV girls had 217 team points, edging out Kee Lansing, who had the first-place girl, in a tiebreaker. Senior Regan Griffith led her team in 22:19.89 for 18th, 16 team points and a medal.


7th with 211 team points.

5 HALVERSON, Peyton SR North Fayette Valle 5 17:55.13

34 ZURBRIGGEN, Caleb JR North Fayette Valle 34 19:11.29

39 MILLER, Ben JR North Fayette Valle 37 19:26.38

73 SOLIS, Raul JR North Fayette Valle 66 20:40.19

76 MCGOWAN, Lucas FR North Fayette Valle 69 20:46.16


7th with 217 team points

18 GRIFFITH, Regan SR North Fayette Valle 16 22:19.89

36 GAMM, Brynn SR North Fayette Valle 34 23:08.39

44 BILDEN, Ava FR North Fayette Valle 41 23:28.71

54 BUSHMAN, Rachael SR North Fayette Valle 50 23:52.04

83 STEFFENS, Lexi SO North Fayette Valle 76 24:52.92


The Oelwein Huskies boys placed eighth with 262 points, led by 11th-place finisher junior Brennan Sauser in 18:13.81 for 11 points. Sophomore Ray Gearhart finished in 18:50.36 for 25th.

“The boys ran really well last night — finishing 8th against that competition was a good night,” head coach Jason Gearhart said. “They competed really well. Brennan and Ray both earned medals and Jacob Sullivan and Benjamin Driscoll both really fought hard for the duration of the race.”

The girls finished 18th with 391 team points. With only five runners, everyone counted toward the team score. Freshman Libby Gearhart led the girls in 23:11.83 for 37th and 35 points.

“The girls are running hard, they are working on getting better at the mental aspect of cross country, and I expect they will as we progress throughout the season,” Gearhart said.

“Ryan Rael gave a great effort in the boys JV race also. We will continue to work hard this week and prepare for our next meet.”


8th with 262 points

11 SAUSER, Brennan JR Oelwein 11 18:13.81

25 GEARHART, Ray SO Oelwein 25 18:50.36

61 ROWND, Andrew JR Oelwein 56 20:00.48

93 DRISCOLL, Benjamin FR Oelwein 81 21:25.30

102 ROGERS, Brody JR Oelwein 89 21:38.55


18th with 391 points.

37 GEARHART, Libby FR Oelwein 35 23:11.83

47 RAEL, Maria FR Oelwein 44 23:34.74

100 BERRYMAN, Alexa FR Oelwein 90 25:50.39

118 KIEL, Malayna JR Oelwein 108 26:55.96

125 PROUTY, Jillian JR Oelwein 114 27:50.53


The Sumner-Fredericksburg girls placed ninth with 247 team points.

Sophomore Lily Mayo led her team in 23:13.92 for 39th overall and 36 points.

The Cougar boys placed 11th with 285 team points.

Junior Cael Judisch led his team in 19:29.34 for 40th and 38 points.


11th with 285 team points.

40 JUDISCH, Cael JR Sumner-Fredericks 38 19:29.34

43 EGAN, Nate JR Sumner-Fredericks 41 19:31.01

71 LANGRECK, Austin JR Sumner-Fredericks 64 20:35.57

72 BOYLE, Ethan SO Sumner-Fredericks 65 20:37.42

88 CONVERSE, Lane FR Sumner-Fredericks 77 21:18.15


9th with 247 team points.

39 MAYO, Lily SO Sumner-Fredericks 36 23:13.92

40 WARNKE, Emerson FR Sumner-Fredericks 37 23:18.08

56 SASSMANN, Lillian JR Sumner-Fredericks 52 23:58.42

63 SCHULT, Karee SR Sumner-Fredericks 58 24:11.76

69 RUCKER, Claire FR Sumner-Fredericksburg 64 24:27.75


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