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3D goggles.jpg

Wings Park students viewing Mount Rushmore, the Great Wall of China and the Northern Lights with 3D goggles.

Wings Park Elementary School students were in for a special treat this week, getting a hands-on experience with technology at the STEM mobile exploratorium trailer from Hawkeye Community College.

The STEMi trailer was at the school to help promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics with 3D activities. Wings Park classrooms have been rotating in and out of the trailer each day throughout the week.

Wings Park TAG teacher Patti Kuennen and two other teachers attended training sessions at Hawkeye Community College prior to the arrival of the STEMi trailer.

“We are hoping to get funding to bring back the STEMi trailer in the spring,” Kuennen said. “After that, we are hoping to bring it in once a year.”

Hawkeye Community College allows the STEMi trailer to travel all around different schools in northeast Iowa as a way to allow students to interact with innovative technologies that are not possible in a traditional classroom.

The students first experienced a short 3D biology video that included a snake. They also were able to watch a 3D printer in action.

Students were able to try on 3D glasses that took them on virtual reality trips. Among the destinations included Mt. Rushmore, the Great Wall of China and the northern lights in Alaska.

Wings Park guidance teacher Barb Winter demonstrated to students how the “Ozobot” works. It is a small bit coding device that follows color markers drawn on paper with its sensors.

Students also were able to use 3D portals that included programs such as a heart monitor, horse simulator, butterfly garden, robotic arm and a toy room.