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As Buds ’n’ Blossoms co-owner Charter Leete arranged a bouquet on Thursday afternoon, the Oelwein air was negative 4F, and overnight wind chills were expected to dip to negative 28F with a wind advisory continuing until 10 a.m. on Friday, Valentine’s Day.

“The weather is not great for flowers,” said co-owner Linda Leete.

The weather was also not slowing down the pace of orders.

Charter has worked at the flower shop for 47 years, and the pair has owned it for 29 years as of Jan. 1.

The seasoned florists know just what to do.

To cope, Buds ’n’ Blossoms is double-bagging bouquets and delivering a few at a time before they freeze. A heated garage means the plants only have to brace against the cold once, between the delivery van and the door.

It’s not just flowers. Wine, chocolate, ballons and stuffed animals are among other goodies available for loved ones on the holiday. What’s most popular?

“A little bit of everything,” Charter said.