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The Winneshiek County Board of Supervisors on Monday endorsed the wearing of cloth masks or face coverings as recommended in an Aug. 5 position statement by the Winneshiek County Board of Health, the Union Echo Leader reports.

“The Winneshiek County Board of Health strongly recommends that all Winneshiek County residents and visitors wear a cloth mask or face covering when in public and maintain a six-foot distance from others,” the statement says. “The Winneshiek County Board of Health asks everyone to recognize and understand that wearing a face mask or face covering and physical distancing protects others.”

The Fayette County Board of Health in a July 16 position statement said it recommends “wearing a face mask when unable to social distance.”

Winneshiek County has seen its running total of confirmed COVID-19 cases since March increase from 85 on Aug. 1 to 269 as if Wednesday, a spike of 184, according to Iowa Department of Public Health figures.

Five deaths in Winneshiek County have been linked to COVID-19, and 181 recoveries have been reported.

Fayette County’s cumulative total of cases rose by 93 cases since Aug. 1, going from 80 to 173 by Wednesday with 120 recoveries and one death.