The events of recent weeks have been disturbing to say the least. Black lives matter. All lives matter. Violence. Protests. Riots.

VINTON — Following the success of a recent block grant partnership with the East Central Iowa Council of Government (ECICOG) Vinton city officials held a special council meeting Tuesday evening for a public hearing. The public hearing was one requirement for the City to partner again with EC…

A blast of 80s rock will take over the Benton County Fairgrounds on Saturday, July 26 as Arch Allies takes the stage after their original show for the county fair was canceled due to COVID-19.

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All Charges are subject to review by The Benton County Attorney’s Office. An arrest or criminal charge is merely an accusation and the Defendant is presumed innocent, unless proven guilty. Intrastate Warrants are issued by Law Enforcement Agencies for crimes happening in their jurisdictions.


Center Point-Urbana junior Ryley Goebel has been a part of the basketball recruiting process for enough time to understand its complexities. As schools began to approach her, Goebel knew she wanted certain boxes checked. Family atmosphere, a place to grow, somewhere close to her family.

Summer is back, and while the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted the cancellation of festivals, concerts and other large gatherings, people who enjoy being among nature are enjoying the outdoors. Given social distancing and other public health safety measures that are still in place across much of the country —particularly large, urban areas — hiking, camping and fishing can be great ways to pass the time and still be safe.

The question of how much liquid to consume daily basis has no simple answer. Several studies have shown differing recommendations. However, specific fluid needs depend on several factors, which include overall health, location and even level of activeness. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, but knowing more about the body’s need for liquids can help in estimating how much ought to be sipped up.

Independence Day is around the corner. Families are likely prepping to watch or set off fireworks and sparklers. However, the Fourth of July celebration might turn a fun-filled day into a painful memory if caution isn’t properly exercised. Even the most innocent-looking fire displays can lead to injuries or an actual fire. Consider these safety tips to enjoy the holiday without going to the emergency room.

Michigan voters in November 2018 passed a ballot measure that legalized cannabis for recreational use, making the Great Lakes State the first in the Midwest to do so. The state’s retail cannabis market opened in late 2019 and within the first two weeks yielded $3.1 million in sales. By Jan. 2, 2020, that had reached $6.5 million.

Sorting through all the latest health fads, trends and research-based health information can be as stressful and overwhelming as shopping for a new car. You want to avoid getting swindled into something that isn’t right for you, and you want to ensure that what you’re investing in actually works and provides the biggest bang for your buck.