Union’s spring musical is still a couple of months away from hitting the stage in April, yet six students decided to present “Bright Star” as part of their All-State nominated musical theatre selection for the 2020 Large Group Speech season.

So it’s Valentine’s Day. It’s a holiday set aside for the celebration of romantic love. To the Romantic, it’s a day for beautiful, sentimental thoughts about the object of one’s affections. To those alone, it’s a reminder of how completely alone one can feel in a society that encourages and …

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Rich Haisman nibbled at his cookie between questions. The Vikettes’ head coach, fresh off a win in the regular-season finale in his first year with the team, took the opportunity to praise what he called the “victory cookies,” the peanut-butter-and-M&M-laden treats sometimes given to his…

Discussing mental health has become less taboo in modern culture than it used to be before, and that openness is now also crossing over into the workplace. However, many organizations still seem to be falling behind on this trend. From unrealistic, demanding deadlines to heavy workloads and long hours to even shifting performance priorities, there’s often never a shortage of stress at work.

It’s tax season once again, and stress levels are high. While you are plunging away those numbers and stressing about refunds and payments to the IRS, there are ways you can keep those anxieties under control.

“Every risk factor you can imagine was on this student’s Internet posting,” recalls Lisa Cull, senior program coordinator for Glenn County Behavioral Health.

As families come face to face with medical requirements every school year, the country is feeling the effects of a vaccine resistance movement that’s been decades in the making. In a climate of fake news and ever-growing misinformation that is spread online, it can be hard to decipher the false information from the truth. That’s why Facebook is taking a stand.

Officials from Grove City Medical Center, Allegheny Health Network (AHN) and Highmark Health joined community leaders and hospital employees this past August to celebrate the signing of an affiliation agreement that will strengthen and expand the services that Grove City provides to residents of Mercer County and the surrounding region.