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A pivotal moment in history

Seventy years ago, the future of the world was at its most critical point since Noah and the Great Flood. For almost a decade, Germany, Italy and Japan threatened to turn Earth into three giant dictatorships.

During the next four years, the Allied forced made breakthroughs around the world. Midway, North Africa and more.

During the long winter of 1943, the Allied command planned the Normandy Invasion. They pulled off the greatest bait-and-switch in history by dispatching George Patton, whom the Nazis considered to be the Allies greatest general, away from the designated landing zone. In a sense, the Germans were caught napping when the greatest armada ever assembled struck and the greatest attack ever launched.

At stake was literally the future of every village, town and city on the face of the Earth.

What is published here is the coverage of the Cedar Valley Daily Times of the day of the attack on the day it happened. Interestingly, the page on the left is a full-page ad published on June 5 calling for support for food production. It features a soldier with a gun and bayonet and a farmer with the tools of his trade.

History tells us what happened that day. So do the personal accounts of those who still remain among us.

For those who can still read this, thank you. For those who cannot, rest in peace.