Vikettes (2nd)/Vikings (3rd) place top three in a night that featured senior night/athletes of month

VINTON — Tuesday night was more than just a co-ed track meet hosted by Vinton-Shellsburg. It was also an opportunity for Vikette/Viking seniors to be recognized, athletes of the month awards sponsored by Edwards Plumbing and Heating to be given out, and a time to honor the late Monica Huelman Zaruba with medals given out to the girls shot put and discus champion.

With all this mentioned in pictures or later on in the story, the attention shifted to the track where the competition was tight, especially at the top of the girls’ standings. Edging Vinton-Shellsburg (128) out by five points for the championship was Benton with 133 points. Marion (119.5) followed in third, while the remaining spots went to Alburnett (91.50), Tipton (67), Wapsie Valley (32), and Iowa Valley (10).

Moving to the boys, the visiting Bobcats (168) ran away from the field with Marion being the next closest at 131 points. The Vikings (93) claimed third place over Denver (90) with spots five and six going to Wapsie Valley (63) and Iowa Valley (41) respectively. The notable results are as follows with the girls shown first.



-Lauren Upmeyer (V-S) 2nd place, 118-00

-Kasi McWhorter (B) 3rd place, 112-07

-Emma Wiley (V-S) 7th place, 92-03


-Dylan Reid (B) 3rd place, 110-07

-Caleb Stull (B) 5th place, 108-05

-Chris King (V-S) 7th place, 105-01

-Taylor Anderson (V-S) 8th place, 101-09

High jump


-Kayla Griffith (V-S) 1st place, 4-10.00

-Maddie Erhardt (V-S) 4th place, 4-06.00


  • -CJ Rickels (V-S) 1st place, 6-05.00 Personal record

-Turner Schroeder (B) 3rd place, 6-03.00

Long jump


-Lauren Slouha (B) 2nd place, 14-11.25

-Becca Steffen (V-S) 3rd place, 14-09.50

-Kaitlyn Kulbartz (B) 5th place, 14-03.50


-CJ Rickels (V-S) 1st place, 19-11.00

-Grant Embretson (B) 3rd place, 19-03.50

-Chevy Burnell (V-S) 4th place, 18-11.75

-Logan Zearley (V-S) 5th place, 18-05.50

Shot put


-Kasi McWhorter (B) 2nd place, 37-06.75

-Lauren Upmeyer (V-S) 3rd place, 37-01.00

-Abby Bartz (V-S) 4th place, 36-04.00

-Emma Wiley (V-S) 6th place, 33-09.50


-Isaac Wiley (V-S) 2nd place, 50-03.00

-Dylan Reid (B) 5th place, 41-04.50

-JJ Sloop (V-S) 7th place, 40-06.50

-Chris King (V-S) 8th place, 40-06.00

-Tommy Huber (B) 9th place, 39-00.00

100 meter dash


-Hanna Timmerman (V-S) 2nd place, 13.08

-Leah Hendrickson (V-S) 4th place, 14.00

-Lauren Price (B) 5th place, 14.03


-Blake Osborn (B) 1st place, 11.22

-Drew Sayers (B) 3rd place, 11.64

-Nathan Michels (B) 5th place, 11.77

-Bryce Kaplan (V-S) 6th place, 11.96

200 meter dash


-Hanna Timmerman (V-S) 1st place, 28.13

-Jaden Thys (B) 3rd place, 29.24

-Brynn Patterson (V-S) 4th place, 30.17

-Avrie Peck (B) 5th place, 30.40


-Blake Osborn (B) 1st place, 22.52

-Drew Sayers (B) 2nd place, 23.10

400 meter dash


-Brynn Patterson (V-S) 2nd place, 1:08.14

-Machaela Ingalls (B) 3rd place, 1:08.89


-Blake Osborn (B) 1st place, 50.39

-Nathan Michels (B) 4th place, 55.10

800 meter run


-Grace Horst (V-S) 1st place, 2:30.62

-Paige King (B) 2nd place, 2:35.33

-Taylor Spies (V-S) 4th place, 2:45.57

-Olivia Wilson (B) 5th place, 2:47.04


-Aiden Harris (B) 2nd place, 2:05.58

-Dylan Spina (B) 3rd place, 2:11.24

-Javier Munoz (V-S) 8th place, 2:23.32

100/110 meter hurdles


-Grace Martensen (B) 1st place, 15.51

-Mallory Thys (B) 2nd place, 17.37


-Turner Schroeder (B) 1st place, 16.40

-Chevy Burnell (V-S) 2nd place, 16.47

-Logan Zearley (V-S) 3rd place, 16.50

1500/1600 meter run


-Grace Horst (V-S) 1st place, 5:13.04

-Trinity LaGrange (B) 4th place, 6:10.19


-Drew Lange (B) 3rd place, 5:02.78

-Bennett Gorkow (B) 4th place, 5:04.57

-Trent Sivola (V-S) 8th place, 5:24.58

3000/3200 meter run


-Abby Rinderknecht (B) 2nd place, 11:57.47

-Hailee Ricklefs (B) 3rd place, 12:02.12


-Russell Atwood (B) 2nd place, 11:22.33

-Nathaniel Caldwell (B) 3rd place, 11:22.36

400 meter hurdles


-Kiah Coffin (B) 3rd place, 1:14.79


-Grant Embretson (B) 3rd place, 59.06

-Chevy Burnell (V-S) 5th place, 59.97

-Alex Pladsen (V-S) 7th place, 1:01.93

4x100 meter relay


-Benton (Lauren Price, Ashtynn Lohrer, Lauren Slouha, and Grace Martensen) 2nd place, 52.28

-V-S (Hanna Timmerman, Becca Steffen, Megan Hendrickson, and Leah Hendrickson) 5th place, 55.26


-V-S (Bryce Kaplan, Sam Griffith, Alex Pladsen, and Axl Hoepner) 1st place, 45.76

-Benton (Wyatt Bieschke, Austin Timmerman, Will Schmidt, and Kaleb Rhodes) 4th place, 47.19

4x200 meter relay


-V-S (Axl Hoepner, CJ Rickels, Sam Griffith, and Isaac Wiley) 2nd place, 1:36.51

-Benton (Lawrence Wallace, Wyatt Bieschke, Austin Timmerman, and Kaleb Rhodes) 5th place, 1:39.90

4x400 meter relay


-V-S (Grace Horst, Kayla Griffith, Brynn Patterson, and Taylor Spies) 2nd place, 4:26.90

-Benton (Jaden Thys, Lauren Woeste, Paige King, and Jaden St.John) 4th place, 4:29.07


-Benton (Nathan Michels, Grant Embretson, Drew Sayers, and Blake Osborn) 1st place, 3:31.39

V-S (Logan Zearley, Alontae Wilson, CJ Rickels, and Philip Kalina) 4th place, 3:50.59

4x800 meter relay


-Benton (Dylan Spina, Drew Lange, Bennett Gorkow, and Aiden Harris) 1st place, 8:31.03

Shuttle hurdle relay


-Benton (Ashtynn Lohrer, Lauren Slouha, Mallory Thys, and Grace Martensen) 1st place, 1:09.40


-Benton (Grant Embretson, Will Schmidt, Jaxson Snitker, and Turner Schroeder) 1st place, 1:03.37

-V-S (Chevy Burnell, Logan Zearley, Alex Pladsen, and Elijah Kalous) 2nd place, 1:03.57

800 meter sprint medley relay


-V-S (Leah Hendrickson, Becca Steffen, Hanna Timmerman, and Grace Horst) 3rd place, 1:55.67


-V-S (Bryce Kaplan, Alex Pladsen, Axl Hoepner, and Sam Griffith) 2nd place, 1:40.44

-Benton (Jaxson Snitker, Wyatt Bieschke, Austin Timmerman, and Aidan Thompson) 5th place, 1:46.15

1600 meter distance medley relay


-Benton (Kiah Coffin, Lauren Slouha, Jaden Thys, and Lauren Woeste) 1st place, 4:32.97

-V-S (Becca Steffen, Maddie Erhardt, Kayla Griffith, and Taylor Spies) 4th place, 4:40.00


-V-S (Alontae Wilson, Brooks Erickson, John Engler, and Philip Kalina) 3rd place, 4:01.78

-Benton (Kaleb Rhodes, Austin Timmerman, Ethan Weirather, and Nathan Canny) 4th place, 4:10.76

V-S (March) Athletes of the Month

*Sponsored by Edwards Plumbing and Heating*

Following senior recognition, the time came to announce the Vinton-Shellsburg March Athletes of the Month, sponsored by Edwards Plumbing and Heating. Using the criteria of sportsmanship, commitment, honesty, positive attitude and enthusiasm for their sport both on and off the field/court, toughness, work ethic, teamwork, focus and discipline, and perseverance, the selections were senior Grace Horst and junior Charlie Dudley, who received a plaque and a t-shirt, courtesy of Vinton Trophy and Jenny Roster respectively.

“Grace’s leadership on the team is one where she leads by example. She is not very vocal, but is driven in practice and that shows in the performance at meets. Grace never complains and lifts up others when they may be struggling,” said V-S Head Girls Track Coach Heather Kalous.

As for Charlie Dudley, this is what Head Boys Track Coach Aric Chvala had to say “He is a great example of what it means to be a student athlete. Charlie is a straight A student in the classroom and is off to a great start this track season, already beating his previous bests. He’s a great young man and I look forward to watching him excel in all of his future endeavors.”

Congratulations to the pair of very deserving recipients!

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