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BENTON COUNTY — Polls were open at 7 a.m Tuesday, November 5, and voters across the county headed to the polls to choose the leaders for the respective communities in Benton County.

Officials in the Benton County Auditor’s office released the unofficial results following the polls closing that evening. The official results will not be available until after all ballots are canvassed by the members of the Benton Count Board of Supervisors Tuesday, November 12.

For those races, throughout the county, the winners will not be announced until after that official canvass next week. Write-in votes submitted on ballots will be counted and included in the canvass for the official results.

Results from the city elections include:

Atkins: There are two seats listed on the ballot for city council in the community. Voters were asked to elect two for the seats. Lana Robison received 72 votes and Nathan Shepard received 71.

Belle Plaine: Incumbent David Fish received 300 votes to serve as the community’s mayor. Likewise Mary Pech, incumbent, received 271 votes for the council at large position.

Garrett Landuyt received 82 in his race to fill the lone seat for the District 2 council seat. Shawn Welsh, incumbent, received 278 votes for Park Commissioner.

Blairstown: Corrine Kimm received 51 votes in the mayor’s race against incumbent Rodney Kubicheck who received 40 to guide the community.

Voters are being asked to fill two council seats. Nicholas Mokas received 79 votes and Scott Metz received 73.

Residents voted to approve the public measure 53 yes votes to 38 no votes. The question asked “Shall the City of Blairstown, Iowa be authorized to levy an amount of 27 cents per $1,000 assessed property value for the purpose of increasing the annual operating budget of the Blairstown Public Library with the collection of the levy commencing in the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2020 and the levy to expire after 10 years on June 30, 2030.”

Garrison: Candidate Garrett Flickinger received 42 votes in his bid to serve as Garrison’s mayor.

Incumbents Marvin Trimble Jr and Doug Kearns received 36 and 22 votes respectively to return to the council.


Candidate Erin Janss received 63 votes in the mayor’s race against incumbent Michael Seeck who unofficially received 38 votes.

There are two council seats listed on the ballot. Incumbent Michael Kaiser received a total of 54 votes while Anna Upah received 76 votes.


Incumbent John Brandt received 18 votes in the race for the mayor’s seat in the southern Benton County community.

The community is one of several in the county where voters were being asked to elect all five council members.

However, only four incumbents returned papers for the seats so voters will have the opportunity to elect one write-in candidate.

Receiving votes in Tuesday’s election were Patrick McLeod,18; Lorin Potter, 13; Barbara Shields, 16; and Kelly Kendall, 15.

Write in votes will be canvassed at the supervisor’s meeting next week.

Mt. Auburn:

Jeff Whitson received 33 votes in his bid to serve another term as mayor of Mount Auburn.

Four individuals were listed on the ballot, but residents were asked to elect five to serve on the council. Votes counted Tuesday evening included Tosha McGarvey,31; Alisha Burmeister, 32; Austin Brase, 31, and incumbent Jessica Helms, 30.


Incumbent Jan Mattson received 113 votes to return for another term as mayor.

Residents had six individuals who threw their hat into the ring to fill the five seats open on city council. Unofficially, top vote getters were incumbents Doug Boddicker, 135, Douglas Rinderknecht, 118, Mike Gardemann, 114; Gerald Gessner, 107 and newcomer Mart Campbell, 103.

Incumbent Ruby Carolan received 86 votes in her bid to return to the council.


Bruce Volz received 78 votes in his run to serve as mayor of the community. His opponent, Darrell Miller, received 32 votes.

Incumbent Loras Schulte received 93 votes to return to the council. A second seat will be filled by write-in.


Current mayor Lonnie Speckner received 117 votes after the polls closed Tuesday evening.

Incumbent Nancy Thorkildson received 110 votes and a second seat on the council will be filled by write-in.


Incumbent Mitch McDonough will be returning to the helm as mayor of Urbana in the coming year. McDonough received 193 votes to Denise Frank’s 86 votes,

Six individuals were listed on the ballot to fill three expired council seats. Earning votes to fill those seats were Don Westendorf, 169; Jeff Bendull, 141, and Shelly Lala, 119. Others individuals receiving votes were Dustin Bena, 110; incumbent Richard Wendel, 100, and Jared Vaske, 94.

Van Horne:

Incumbent Marty Junge received 76 votes to return as mayor of the community.

Three individuals were listed on the ballot to fill the two open seats on the council in the coming year. Todd Donald received 75 votes, while incumbent Craig Ivester along with Jarred Childs each received 33 votes. that race will be decided during next week’s canvass.

According to Iowa State code in the tie, like the race in Van Horne, the winner is chosen when the Benton County Board of Supervisors draw lots to declare the winner.


There were two candidates listed on the ballot for mayor in Walford. Incumbent William Voss received 127 votes while Jesse Bergmeier received 70.

Voters were asked to select three individuals from the five candidates to fill the council seats. Both Matt Greiner and Jo Ellen Carter 116 votes and Jeff Pottebaum received 108. Tammy Horak received 88 votes and Adam Schmidt 76 votes.