Bruce Adams

Bruce Adams, Republican candidate for Iowa Senate District 38

I’m Bruce Adams, and I’m running for the State Senate in District 38.

I live in Williamsburg with my wife, Janie, and I have sons that live in San Diego and Singapore.

I currently serve as an Iowa County Supervisor, along with the responsibilities of serving on ten County and Regional committees and Boards that are associated with being a Supervisor.

I’m running for the State Senate because I want to stay in touch with people on the issues that affect our State. My main job would be to listen to others, and consider everyone’s input, even when there’s not an agreement on an outcome or a vote.

I’ll be me, and if I don’t know something I’ll admit it, and search out additional information. I’m good at doing my homework and understanding related information.

My campaign will be self funded. I won’t accept any contributions, so that I can go into the Iowa Senate without any vested interests.

I believe in giving the Counties as much independence as possible in making decisions on issues that have varying conditions in different parts of the State.

I believe that taxes tend to beget more taxes, and that any taxing initiative should be reviewed with caution. I do support a sales tax increase that would fund clean water efforts and needed mental health resources.

At the same time, I don’t see any legislative efforts to reduce spending, or consolidate services.

We need to look at what’s already being spent and why, not just automatically add a percentage increase to the previous budget.

I work as a writer for an Iowa County newspaper, as well as my responsibilities as a Supervisor.

I’m on the Board of the Eastern Iowa Honor Flight, and also serve as their Public Relations/Media Coordinator. I’m the Williamsburg American Legion Commander and President of the Iowa American Legion Press Association. I’m a former Vice Chairman of the Iowa County Republican Central Committee, and I helped to organize the Iowa County Caucuses in 2018.

I’m a graduate of Trinity College with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Communications, and a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

I served in the Air Force as an enlisted member and as an officer, I’ve worked in Aerospace Finance, and have over 25 years of experience in advertising.

Thank you for everyone’s consideration, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to run for the State Senate in this district.