Area Large Group Speech Results

Front Row: Rylee Scheel, Anthony Hilton, Jeremiah Brown, Caroline Erickson, Caroline Lang and Lillie Lamont. Second Row: Kalinda Burke, Mymint Lee, Emily Trinkle, Carly Bendull, Katlyn Humiston, Maya Lapan-Islas and Baylee Wheeler. Third Row: Eli Powers, Alex Funk, Morgan Lang, Samantha Walton and Megan Hendrickson. Fourth Row: Andrew Wirth, Emma Dickinson, Natalie Armstrong, Madison Atkinson, Christina Harrelson, Patience Kies, Molly Haisman and Ian Sallee. Back Row: Raeganne Neilsen, Zena Aragon, Josie Sagan, Keira Ott and Lauren Murray. Missing from the picture — Katelyn O’Brien, Alexis Miller, Lauren Upmeyer, Sonnie Evans, Katherine Seitz, Bryleigh Farmer and Jordan Andrews.

Performances are critiqued by three judges and are awarded ratings Division I-III, with a Division I being the highest. All Division I’s do not guarantee selection to the All-State Festival at Iowa State University on Saturday, Feb. 22. All results submitted.

Belle Plaine

Short Film-Tristan Regan and Lane Pierce: Division II at Districts

Benton Community

Short Film-This Isn’t Over: Division II

Caitlin Atwood, Jacob Bange, Riley Curtis, Samantha Dengler, Emily Ingalls, Jackson Kleinmeyer, Alex Ludeking, Emery Rinderknecht, and Joseph Shepherd.

Short Film- Cooks: Division I

Seamus Hurley, Gerik Jurgens, Avery King, Jacob Ludeking, Jaired Lyons, and Kaitlyn Sievers.

Readers’ Theatre: Division I

Taylor Bauer, Sadie Blomberg, Emily Colby, Caylie Cruise, Claire Gates, Eli Hull, Seamus Hurley, Megan Schulte, and Jakeb Voss.

One-Act Play: Division II

Taylor Bauer, Caylie Cruise, Gerik Jurgens, Avery King, Jacob Ludeking, and Kaitlyn Sievers.

Ensemble Acting: Division I

Madelynn Rodman and Chloe Schultz

Musical Theatre: Division II

Emily Colby, Hailey Hakes, Ella Hayden, Eli Hull, Kenna Kline, Madelynn Rodman, Chloe Schultz, and Jakeb Voss.

Group Improvisation: Division I

Ashley Brennan, Alyson Brown, and David Hultman

Radio Broadcasting: Division I

Caitlin Atwood, Ashley Brennan, David Hultman, and Amity Nichol.

Choral Reading: Division II

Kindyl Andrew, Jacob Bange, Riley Curtis, Samantha Dengler, Reagan Gorkow, Ella Hayden, Emily Ingalls, Jackson Kleinmeyer, Alex Ludeking, Avary McVay, and Emery Rinderknecht.

Center Point-Urbana

Improv- Group ARM: Division I

Andrew Wendel, Macey Overturf, Raider Taylor

Improv- Group NSF: Division I

Nathan Buelow, Nora Markowski, Savannah Niec, Faith Maue

Short Film- Couch Potato: Rating I

Lauren Paine, Liam Easton, Nathan Buelow, Robert Dillon, Seterah Dillon, Soren Hansen

Readers Theater- The Internet is Distract...Oh Look a Kitten!: Division II

Alaynah Rieck, Ashlyn Wilkins, Faith Maue, Karoline Lindaman, Liam Easton, Natalie Knongable, Savannah Niec, Sophie Byroade, Steiger Manson, Tai Salviati

Radio Broadcasting: Division II

Emma Demuth, Jayden Daugherty, Nora Markowski


Short Film-The Art of Procrastination:Division I

Josie Sagan and Lauren Murray

Radio Broadcasting-Women Vote Now: Division I

Madison Atkinson, Carly Bendull, Christina Harrelson, Morgan Lang, Mymint Lee and Quin Cornell

Group Improv: Division I

Madison Atkinson, Jeremiah Brown, Alexis Miller, Rylee Scheel and Lauren Upmeyer

Readers Theaters: The Brothers Grimm Spectaculation: 2 Division II and 1 Division 1

Musical Theater. 2 Division II and 1 Division 1

Musical Theater. 2 Division II and 1 Division 1

Group Improv: Division II

Group Mime: Division II

Sam Walton, Zena Aragon, Morgan Lang, Natalie Armstrong, Megan Hendrickson


Short Film-You Never Know: Division I

Caitlyn Wylie, Maddy Bonner, Mae Deaton, Zian Seuser, Haven Ellsworth, Jon Bronner, Arianna Abrahamson, Asia Hemmer, Kaylyn Davis

Group mime- Rage Quit: Division II

Nick North, Brandon Neipert

Group mime- The Awkward First Date-: Division II

Jon Bronner, Leah Kaufman

Musical Theatre-Nunsense: Division I

Laura Rempe, Carlie Spore, Cora Klein, Elle Hookham, Kaylyn Davis, Meagan Clapp

Musical Theatre-Bright Star: Division I

Riley Davis, Tyson Fleshner, Carlie Hoppe, Sunshine Gray, Noah Damro, Natalie Tecklenburg

Readers Theatre-The Caged Birds: Division II

Emma Harris. Dolores Cicio, Kadi Gasco, Alex Hall, Leah Kaufman, Breanna Welzin, Ellie Behrens, Belle Weber

One Act Play-Dark Road: Division I

Emma Harris, Alex Hall, Ava Corpman, Rebekah Dickerson, Dolores Cicio, Jasmine Hickok, Margery Miller, Nick North, Tyler Barthelmes, Madelyn Zak, Amy Caughron