It’s probably no surprise that some of the traditional events of Homecoming were not able to take place this year due to social distancing requirements and damage to school facilities caused by the derecho. Historically, the week would be full of events including elementary pep assemblies, visits from high school students, and a ride on the bus to the parade and pep assembly in Van Horne on Friday afternoon. Homecoming is one of the most exciting weeks of the year when it comes to celebrating all that it means to Be a Bobcat.

This year, the excitement and celebration of Homecoming at Benton Community’s Keystone Elementary continued, just in different forms. Students were able to write about why they love being a Bobcat or what being a Bobcat means to them. Classroom doors were decorated around the Homecoming theme of Home Away from Home. Rather than a visit from Benny Bobcat, students were able to take Homecoming pictures with Benny using green screen technologies. The Benton Community pep rally was live streamed and students were also able to watch the fun from a distance.

At the end of the week, a few people gathered to reflect on the impact of Homecoming on our students and school community. Homecoming may be a week-long celebration, but we are able to celebrate what it means to Be a Bobcat daily in our schools and community daily. Benton Community’s core values are teamwork, continuous improvement, educational excellence, and a caring/belonging environment. These are the core values on the perimeter of the Bobcat Wheel and positive relationships are at the hub. Those positive relationships are what allows that wheel to turn. Although these values are common in many organizations, the foundation of positive relationships in and around our school community is what makes Bobcats stand apart.

Although Benton Community’s 2020 Homecoming was held in a way that we wished was different, living and learning The Bobcat Way is something we’ll continue to celebrate as the year continues because Benton Community is A Place to Belong.