Garrison Lions

Garrison Lions Club members from left to right: Randy Scheel, Tom Lane, Ronnie Kerkman Teresa Meyer, Cindy Pattee, Meg Johnson, Teresa Scheel, Merle Welte.

The difference a summer can make. Last year at this time, the Garrison Lions Club hosted farmers markets and grillings under the pavilion near the library and Old Creamery Trail every Monday night over the season.

“It was our main source of fundraising,” Randy Scheel, a member of the club said. “Unfortunately with COVID-19 this year, we’ve lost opportunities to host these earlier, as have a lot of volunteer groups with fundraising.”

That changed this Monday as the Lions Club brought back their farmers market well into this year’s summer. Members put on their masks as they served up burgers, brats, chips and cookies while a handful of small vendors set up closer to the library.

“We try to do the grillings and market together because that way someone might have produce or crafts they want to sell to people stopping by to grab food,” Teresa Meyer, President of the Garrison Lions said. “It’s just a chance for people to get outside and see each other in a safe manner.”

The club bought the items and donations helped to cover costs of the food. Members also accepted free-will donations for the grab and go meals served. According to Meyer, 50 people stopped through on the day.

“We’ve been fortunate over the years that we’ve successfully raised money for our small club,” Scheel said. “But losing Mondays, that’s a third of our revenue.”

Garrison Lions support community programs such as EMS, scholarships for graduating high school seniors and maintaining flower barrels around town. The group hopes to resume their grillings and market next month as well and move forward with fundraising to keep their membership involved in the community.