Heying Mutt Hutt

The Heying family, the new owners of The Mutt Hutt, from left to right” Gabbie, MaryAnn, Blayke, Brenden and Lee.

There’s two new top dogs at The Mutt Hutt on Highway 150 outside of Vinton as Lee and MaryAnn Heying assumed ownership of the dog boarding business officially on July 1.

“My wife and I have brought our dogs here for the past three years,” Lee Heying said. “We just felt like buying the business was something we would like to do for the community. Brian and Renalda Baldus did a great job of establishing this business and wish them the best with retirement.”

The Heyings and Baldus families first began talking about the business in December of 2019. When the decision was made by the Heyings to take over the business, they acquired the necessary license for dog sitting. They plan to leave the business “as is” for the foreseeable future and focus on continuing to provide satisfactory service for the customers continuing to support The Mutt Hutt.

“We want to keep that same great level of service and provide the same level of loving care to the dogs people entrust in our care,” Heying said. “We’ve already seen customers previously coming to the Mutt Hutt back again. It was key to listen early and learn to serve our clientele.”

The Mutt Hutt is located on two acres and includes five open areas for dogs to run around and get exercise. 12 kennels are located inside of the building, which includes heating and air conditioning. According to Heying, it’s possible to host 18 to 20 dogs at a time depending on if dogs may be from the same households. All drop off for pets are by appointment.

“It’s been a challenge this first move because we are also moving from Newhall to a new home,” Heying said. “But it’s been very rewarding to have people trust us with their dogs. Right now, we want to keep things status quo. Maybe in the distant future we can add more kennels in and split more running space outside. The immediate need is to continue to keep the customers and clients happy.”

For more information about The Mutt Hutt or to make appointments, call 319-472-4379 during regular business hours from Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m to 11:00 a.m.