Urbana Town Centre

A map of the Urbana Town Centre details the mix of residential and commercial lots available.

Since January of this year, Pirc-Tobin Construction of Alburnett has been involved in the creation of lots for the new Urbana Towne Centre, a mix of residential and commercial properties they believe will continue to foster growth in the community.

The Urbana Towne Centre consists of 10 housing lots, six to eight duplex lots and four commercial lots during the first phase of the project alone, according to Charles Arnold with Pirc-Tobin Construction.

“These lots are near the housing that has been built over the last 20 years on the west side of town,” Arnold said. “This will give more space to attract new businesses and venture to Urbana as they look for places to start up small businesses. We’ve had a lot of interests in the duplexes.”

Pirc-Tobin is currently finished with the site improvements in the street construction. The project has been turned over to the developers in the Mike Elwick family and the City of Urbana has accepted the project. Private development is already underway as several basements are being dug and the foundation of a business is currently being built.

“It’s ready for independent construction,” Arnold said. “We wanted to be a part of this process because we have a good working relationship with the City of Urbana. We want what’s best for them to bring more opportunities and city growth.”

Two crews of four from Pirc-Tobin have worked on the Urbana Towne Centre project since April. Lot sales have been successful according to Arnold. The contract for the project was negotiated with the Elwicks. Arnold noted improvements to the nearby Cedar Valley Trail may also attract buyers to the development once it’s potentially paved by Benton County Conservation and the Iowa DOT.