Tara Hills Clubhouse

The renovated clubhouse at Tara Hills Country Club can now occupy more members as they enjoy a day at the course.

Tara Hills Country Club members are enjoying a renovation to the clubhouse space completed over the spring, including more space and seating for members.

“We used the space that we already had for a full renovation of our clubhouse,” Jaimie Kahle, Clubhouse Manager said. “We didn’t add on or anything. We just took down walls and moved the bar back. It increased our seating to almost double.”

The clubhouse previously could hold around 50 people and now can host 95 members after hitting the nine-hole course for tournaments and casual rounds. According to Kahle, the clubhouse is a converted barn moved from across the street in 1985 and added onto. This is the first renovation the space has undergone since 1985.

“Since I’ve been here over the past five years, we’ve done renovations in the kitchen and bathrooms, so this was the next step,” Kahle said. “We started this renovation to the clubhouse in November and were done by March.”

Work was completed by members volunteering their time. Materials were purchased locally from Atkins Lumber. Rabe Hardware in Blairstown provided the electrical work and countertops were done by Top Shop in Cedar Rapids.

“We wanted to support local businesses as much as possible,” Kahle said. “The best part of this is the great membership that helped make this possible. This renovation provides a nice atmosphere after tournaments and a nice view of the course from the south and east.”

Kahle does not foresee any other major renovation projects with the facilities in the near future and hopes club members will continue to enjoy the clubhouse for years to come.