Jake Wilson

LA PORTE CITY — Officials want anyone who saw a person walking of the areas of Commercial and Bishop streets about 8:30 p.m., April 5 to contact them. The information could assist them in finding 16-year-old Jake Wilson, missing now for seven days. That was about the time Wilson left his home for a walk to Wolf Creek.

Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson said during the mid-day press briefing a tip received overnight is very promising.

“I will ask if there was anybody who was in town on Saturday evening and saw someone walking in the areas of Commercial Street and Bishop – any direction –  we are looking for descriptions, we are looking for confirmation on some other things that have come up.

“We are just asking that if you have that information, please come forward.”

Thompson noted the request stems from specific information obtained. The information needs to be corroborated and coordinated with other information.

The numbers to call are 319-342-2232 or 319-291-2515.

Thompson said he has changed his request for video and picture uploads of several events in La Porte City last Saturday from a request to a demand. These include a reunion and a cycling event which brought several people to the town.

“I will be very frank with you. I am very frustrated that we do not have more photos, that we did not have more engagement,” Thompson said at the 11:45 a.m., press briefing Saturday morning.

“We know there was activity. We know that there were events in town. We know we had a reunion. We know we had a bike ride.

“We know there was a lot of activity here, but we have not seen the activity that we anticipated.”

Thompson noted he jokingly commented during Friday afternoon’s briefing that he was demanding rather than requesting the downloads.

“This is very seriously a demand now,” said Thompson. “If you were here and you have that kind of media, we need it uploaded.”

La Porte City Police Chief Chris Brecher said most of the logjams in Wolf Creek were searched and broken up Friday.

Chris Taylor, a family representative, read a statement giving background on the missing teenager and expressing their desire for Wilson to be found.

“Jake we love you,” said Taylor. “We want you to come home.”