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BENTON COUNTY — Voters across Benton County went to the polls Tuesday, November 5, to elect the leaders of the respective school districts.

The election landscape for Iowa’s school districts changed when Iowa state legislators passed a measure to combine school district elections and city election to the same day.

In past years, voters would go to the polls in September to elect the board members to lead local school districts.

Officials results will not be known until Tuesday, November 12, when the Benton County Board of Supervisors canvass the results from the election.

Hayley Rippel, Benton County Auditor, explained that the canvass process for this election is unique because some races will actually be canvassed twice.

“Some of the school districts in Benton County cover an area outside our borders,” she explained. “So after those counties hold their original canvass of ballots, the results of those Benton County races will be forwarded to our office.” At that time the Benton County Supervisors will hold a second canvass to add those votes to the official record.

Rippel added that some races won’t actually have official results until November 19.

The unofficial results from Tuesday’s election includes:

Belle Plaine: There are three seats that need to be filled on the district’s board. Papers were returned by six individuals who wish to guide the district into the future.

District patrons were asked to elect three individuals to serve as Director at large for the district.

The three individuals receiving the highest votes were Benjamin Reineke, 247; Stephen Beck, 190; and incumbent Bradley Cook, 187. Others receiving votes were: Alicia Jacobi, 182, Marie Stratford, 88; and Mike Bachelder, 61.

Benton Community:

Voters in four of the Benton Community’s seven director districts will cast a vote in the November election. Only individuals living in the director district that had a vote went to the polls Tuesday.

Receiving votes were:

Incumbent Roy John Becker Jr., 155 votes for District 1.

For District 2 Theresa Thompson, incumbent, received 86 votes.

Matt Nolte received 65 votes to serve District 3, while Emily Upah received 103 for serve the residents in District 7

Center Point-Urbana:

Three director districts were listed on the ballot for the Center Point Urbana district.

Two individuals were running for the one director at large spot in the district. Don Westendorft, Urbana, received 190 votes, while Cory Vaupel, Center Point, received 136 votes, from individuals living within Benton County.

Incumbent Teresa Davis, running for another term as director for District 2, received 247 votes from Benton County voters.

There were no papers returned for Director District 3.

Also on the ballot was Public Measure F: “To adopt a Revenue Purpose Statement specifying the use of revenues the Center Point Urbana Community School District will receive from the State of Iowa Secure an Advanced Vision for Education Fund.”

Benton County voters were overwhelming in support of the measure with a vote of 264 yes votes to 72 no votes.


Three of the four candidates returning papers for the district are incumbents seeking to continue what they have been doing in the district.

Incumbent Corey Lorenzen received 34 votes in Benton County for the Director at Large position.

District 1 incumbent Brandon Paine received 34 votes while fellow incumbent Jenna Scott received 34 for the District 3 seat.

Ben Schemmel received 33 votes in his race to serve as a representative for District 4.

College Community:

With a small footprint in the southeast corner of the county, some residents cast their vote using ballots for the College Community school district.

For the Director at Large seat Greg Kelsey received 97 votes while Douglas Gustafson received 66 in Tuesday’s election.

Dawn Kousheh received 151 votes in her run to serve as Director for District 1.

Incumbents Randy Bauer received 165 votes and Angela Ehle, 148 votes, for District 3 and District 4 respectively.

Also on the ballot is Public Measure G: “To adopt a Revenue Purpose Statement specifying the use of revenues the College Community School District will receive from the State of Iowa Secure an Advanced Vision for Education Fund on and after January 1, 2031.”

Benton County voters decided in favor of the measure voting 149 yes to 38 no.

Following next week’s canvass of votes, the Auditor’s office will submit the results to the Linn County Auditor to be added to that county’s official results to declare winners in the races.

North Linn:

In the north east corner of Benton County had a few residents who cast votes for the North Linn school district.

Incumbent Ryan Benesch received five votes in his race to serve another term in District 1.

Both Connie Helms for another term in District 2 and Bret Haughenbury for the Director at Large received five votes each in the race for the school district.

Kirkwood Community College:

Individuals living within the Director District 2 for the Kirkwood Community College cast a total of 146 for Tracy Pearson, Mechanicsville, to fill the seat.