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WASHINGTON – Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa has received final congressional approval for his bipartisan child welfare policy improvements including promoting sibling connections in foster care and strengthening child support enforcement.  The provisions are part of legislation that is on its way to the President for his expected signature into law.

“Child welfare experts tell you, and common sense tells you, that children benefit when they’re kept together and have strong relationships,” Grassley said.  “This legislation removes barriers to federal law that prevent families of siblings from knowing when a child is placed in foster care or siblings from losing ties when parental rights are terminated.  This will help maintain sibling relationships and in turn help the kids.

“The child support provisions help states recover money that family courts have determined is owed to custodial parents.   We ought to do more to make sure money owed gets to the parents and children who need and deserve it.  Child support enforcement helps make sure families are strong and independent.”

For the full story see the 09/23/2014 issue of the Cedar Valley Times.