Despite an announcement by Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds on Wednesday allowing movie theaters across the state to reopen, Palace Theatre in Vinton has made the decision to stay closed until further notice.

“At this point the managers and trustees do not believe it is financially feasible for us to open at 50 percent capacity with 6-foot spacing, due to the cost of content,” the theatre posted on their Facebook page. “Our other concern is available movies, as studios have already streamed their spring and early summer offerings. The online site we use to view upcoming content currently shows no new film release dates until July 17. As states reopen, this status could definitely change, and we will consider our own reopen accordingly.”

Marcy Horst, Manager of Palace Theatre, is waiting for more information to be available before bringing a decision to the Board of Trustees to reopen. She believes that movie studios will begin to adjust as states reopen and theaters are once again open to the public. In the meantime, Palace Theatre has offered popcorn for a free will donation to help cover expenses.

“People have been very generous,” Horst said. “We are really anxious to open up and are cautiously optimistic conditions will be right soon.”

Palace Theatre is currently expanding their concession stands, a project that began just before they closed due to the governor’s COVID-19 restrictions. The theatre celebrated 20 years of their reopening back in November.