VINTON — Earlier this year the City of Vinton made the decision to shake the dust off a few street projects that had been sitting on the shelf.

The projects are for the street reconstruction of several blocks in the community.

During last week’s city council meeting, a motion was approved to accept a bid for the work to be done. Nathan Kass, Fehr Graham Engineering and Environmental, reminded the council that the project has a completion date of 2021.

Kass shared that the city received a total of six bids for the project.

“How exciting,” Brian Parr, council member, stated. “Six is more than what you were originally expecting.”

Kass confirmed that six was a higher number than he had thought would be submitted. “I was expecting to get four bids,” he said. “So it was reassuring to get six.”

Kass said he had spoken to several of the firms prior to the bids being submitted.

“They were wanting to confirm the planned end date of the project,” he explained.

Because the entire project is made of smaller projects, it would be possible to get started on a portion of the project yet this fall and then finish next spring/summer he stated.

Boomerang Corp., Anamosa, was the low bidder at $2,546,162.50,

“The next low bid was very close,” Kass said. The bid from Rathje Construction Co., Marion was higher by $2463.

The engineer’s estimate for the total project was $2,428,627.00

The project includes the reconstruction of the following streets:

-6th Street from C Avenue to 2nd Avenue;

-9th Street from C Avenue to 1st Avenue;

- 10th Street from 1st Avenue to 2nd Avenue;

- 11th Street from 1st Avenue to 10th Avenue;

- and finally the block from 8th to 9th Street on 3rd Avenue to 7th Avenue.

Funding for the street projects, along with the Vinton Parks and Recreation Department’s walking trail, are all being paid with funds from the sale of general obligation bonds.

The city received $4,070,000 in the sale of the bonds at the end of June, at a lower interest rate than bonds sold by the city in 2016.

At the time of the sale, Chris Ward, Vinton city administrator, explained that the city had received an additional $200,000 in proceeds that could be used for the street project.

The city received five bids for the sale of the 15-year bonds.