Chris Enos

Chris Enos and his family are working around the clock to get Viking Plaza ready for Friday’s grand opening from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Chris and Kari Enos had a vision for the former home of Bright’s Pianos Sales when they purchased the building in the summer of 2020. As owners of Viking Auto, they wanted to put a car lot on the grounds, but the idea quickly grew into so much more.

“We kept thinking through this property and decided to turn this into a retail place for rent,” Chris Enos said. “We’ve heard and worked with several different types of businesses and we’re excited to show them to the public on Friday for our open house. Kari and my kids have really been helping me make this possible.”

Friday’s open house at the new 5,000 sq ft Viking Plaza at 314 North K Avenue will start at 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., allowing patrons to visit five businesses that will make up the plaza center. Viking Auto will indeed use the lot for their cars, but Enos and business partner Jason White will also open Viking Bait and Tackle as well. Viking Music Studio will provide a space for music lessons to take place. Vinton Ving Tsun Kung Fu Studio opened in October and has been accepting students ever since. Just Like That Creations will create signs, t-shirts and other items.

“Jason and I had talked about a bait shop for quite awhile because there is a need here in Vinton,” Enos said. “People here in Vinton enjoy fishing. We’ve got the retail space to offer services such as pole repair, live bait and order items for people. It’s going to be something that people won’t have to drive 20-30 minutes just to find the closest bait shop.”

The property, which had also been a restaurant, needed attention before its grand opening. While much of the exterior has been left alone, interior walls and carpeting had to be replaced. Old pianos had to be sold off or disposed of if they were unusable. Shelving, retail walls were added to the property ahead of the grand opening.

“We had over 20 pianos still here and stuff from the restaurant still in the basement,” Kari Enos said. “It was cool to see all of this history still here and we tried to preserve a little of it. Jason told me seeing this stuff brought back memories of the restaurant for him. We tried to preserve some of the memorabilia for people to enjoy when they visit the businesses.”

Enos noted that there is a still space open for businesses to rent and will also be on display during the grand opening. All businesses will be open and available for visits during Friday’s event.

“I hope that Viking Plaza will create a few jobs, but also space and opportunity for people wanting to start a new business in Vinton,” Enos said. “We want to bring a little excitement to Vinton with opening something new in town. I’m eager to see what happens.”

Viking Auto will still maintain their service station at their original location. For more information about Viking Plaza, contact Chris Enos or Jason White at Viking Auto.

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