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Getting ready

Precinct workers give instructions to a voter Tuesday at the Vinton Skate Center where Vinton precincts were voting.

VINTON — The three Vinton incumbents retained their seats when the unofficial results were released Tuesday evening from the Benton County Auditor’s office.

Receiving a total of 359 votes Bud Maynard will return as mayor for another term leading the community as a new housing development begins to take shape and the telecommunication utility is close to providing service to the community.

Maynard ran unopposed for the seat.

Also running unopposed for her seat as a council member at large, Tamara Stark received total of 350 votes in the race.

The lone contested race on the Vinton city ballot was for the spot to represent Ward 4 which had 107 votes cast. Nathan Hesson, incumbent, received 78 to 29 votes received by his opponent Dean Haack.

Vinton’s Ward 2 was also listed on the ballot but no one returned nomination papers earlier this fall for the spot. That seat will be filled by write-in votes. Results of that seat will not made official until after the Benton County Board of Supervisors canvass all ballots next Tuesday, November 12.

When state legislators decided to hold city and school board elections on the same day, one of those goals were to increase the turn out at the election.

“After voting tonight I was a little disheartened that there were so many uncontested races or in the case of the city council no candidates for the 2nd Ward,” Maynard said when asked for his thoughts of the election.

“The city’s future relies on the people getting involved. Whether school board, city government or just volunteering to be on a committee the shaping of the city lies in the hands of those who want the community to be something more.

“Making a difference is not sitting on the sidelines and complaining about what could or should be done. Being part of a solution is how it gets done,” he said. “So ask yourself which person are you? Don’t think that you can’t do it, we are here for the same goal to make Vinton the best Vinton it can be and we need proactive people to make it happen.

“I hope that people will find the time to get involved, the future depends on it,” he added.