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Chris Ward

Chris Ward, Vinton City Administrator, speaks to the Kiwanis members.

VINTON – Sales should begin soon for one new subdivision while work is beginning to plat another on the Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School.

Chris Ward, Vinton City administrator, told Vinton Kiwanis members last week the final plat for Anderson Creek Subdivision has been received. After a few technical questions verified by City attorney Bob Fischer and then lots can be offered for sale.

Ward said it appears the under structure for phase one is in the ground.

“It looks like that subdivision is coming to fruition,” said Ward. “We even got street lighting set up with REC.”.

Ward said they received word of plans for a new housing addition to be known as the Mary Ingalls Subdivision at the Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School. Permission was received from the Iowa Board of Regents to create the plat, which will be “at no cost to them.”

“We are moving forward on that process,” said Ward.

Work is also underway on the wetland natural prairie area being created on the former Corbett property. The property has been purchased.

Obtaining the property required an unusual step of getting a building permit from the Board of Adjustments, according to Ward. This was required by the federal government.

Ward said he did not question the federal government requirements.

“I don’t know why we needed a building permit to dig a hole,” said Ward.

Dirt excavated from the hole will be transported to the Braille School property where it will be used build up the corner lot for an emergency services building for the police, fire and possibly ambulance service.

Thirty-eight hundred tandem truck loads. Obtaining approval to relocate the dirt required environmental studies.

Bids will be taken a second time for the splash pad in Kiwanis Park. Only one bid was received earlier this year and that was higher than anticipated. The project will be rebid in the fall when possibly more companies will be looking for projects to undertake.