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VINTON – Boring crews were fighting frost more than a week ago. Central Cable Contractors crew supervisor said it was ranging as deep as a foot below ground covered gravel, and almost as much below grass-covered soil. Below-normal cold weather and frost had been slowing down the pace of construction, but plunging temperatures and snow have stopped the boring operations for now. FARR Technologies and Central Cable will continue to assess the weather and discuss options to complete as much work as possible.

“We knew our construction schedule was ambitious, and that getting everything done would depend on warm weather late in the year,” said Tom Richtsmeier, General Manager of Vinton Utilities. “We will still be doing as much work as we can to stay as close as possible to the schedule, but boring and trenching to individual properties is probably done until the ground thaws.”

The mainline duct construction, which is the portion of the project running along the streets in the city right of way, is approximately 65% complete.

Plenty of work will still be underway while the ground is frozen. Technicians will be connecting Vinton’s fiber network to the outside world and testing the equipment installed inside the reinforced concrete building placed in the 4th street city parking lot.

The cold weather will not impact site surveys being completed by Patriot Communications. Vinton residents who have requested a site survey but have not called Patriot Communications to schedule an appointment are encouraged to make arrangements soon. These surveys may be scheduled by calling (319) 899-6008.

Vinton residents can still shop for services at iVinton is offering internet service without data caps, and iVinton does not require customers to sign long-term contracts to get price discounts. Questions and concerns may also be directed to the iVinton office in person at 412 1st Ave., Vinton, or by calling 472-3255.