DYSART – Union Community Schools - LaPorte City/Dysart were gifted some new medical devices called the Dechoker, by the Dechoker company to promote their business.

“We have four cabinets with three different sizes of Adult, Child and Toddler at each of the four school buildings,” said Cheryl Wiebbecke, the school nurse, in a press release. “They are mounted near the lunchrooms or gymnasiums at each building for choking emergencies along with the other emergency equipment of Epipens and AEDs.

“We will be prepared for choking emergencies thanks to the Dechoker company, said Wiebbecke.

 “Breathing is mandatory!”  Choking is the 4th leading cause of emergency deaths while brain damage can occur in 4-6 minutes during a choking episode and sometimes the emergency procedure of the Heimlich is unsuccessful.