Vikings (100) finish ahead of Benton (78) and Union (22) Thursday

VINTON — It was the second meet of the season for the Benton Bobcats after hosting a co-ed invitational Tuesday, but for Vinton-Shellsburg and Union, they began their 2019 campaign Thursday night.

Welcoming eight other teams, the Vikings (100) finished behind just the champion, Dubuque Wahlert Catholic (117), and runner-up, Williamsburg (105), while placing ahead of Benton (78), Denver, Solon (both with 65 points), Union (22), Columbus Catholic (21), and Janesville (12). The notable results are as follows for the trio of local schools, beginning with the field events. Due to the timing system being down, add 0.24 seconds to all race times.

Shot put

  • -Isaac Wiley (V-S) 4th place, 49-06.5 ninth all time in school history

-Dylan Reid (B) 7th place, 42-06

-Zach Crawford (B) 9th place, 40-10

-Jackson Kithcart (B) 10th place, 40-08

-Caleb Stull (B) 14th place, 39-04

-JJ Sloop (V-S) 16th place, 37-07.5


-Zach Crawford (B) 8th place, 115-00

-Chevy Burnell (V-S) 10th place, 107-00

-Chris King (V-S) 12th place, 103-05

-Taylor Anderson (V-S) 13th place, 97-09

Long jump

-CJ Rickels (V-S) 3rd place, 19-03.75

-Sam Griffith (V-S) 4th place, 18-10

-Grant Embretson (B) 5th place, 18-03

-Landyn Rowe (V-S) 7th place, 18-01.25

-Alontae Wilson (V-S) 12th place, 17-06.75

High jump

-CJ Rickels (V-S) 1st place, 6-00

-Turner Schroeder (B) 3rd place, 5-10

-Alontae Wilson (V-S) 4th place, 5-06

800 meter sprint medley relay

-Benton (Austin Timmerman, Jaxson Snitker, Jacob Brecht, and Blake Osborn) 2nd place, 1:37.90

-V-S (Axl Hoepner, Sam Griffith, Keegan Thompson, and Nolan Haisman) 3rd place, 1:38.67

3200 meter run

-Lake LeBahn (U) 2nd place, 10:22.41

-Bennett Gorkow (B) 4th place, 11:23.23

4x800 meter relay

-Benton (Dylan Spina, Drew Lange, Aiden Harris, and Nathaniel Caldwell) 1st place, 9:06.12

Shuttle hurdle relay

-Benton (Grant Embretson, Jacob Brecht, Turner Schroeder, and Jaxson Snitker) 1st place, 1:04.36

-V-S (Chevy Burnell, Alex Pladsen, Phillip Kalina, and Charlie Dudley) 2nd place, 1:04.74

100 meter dash

-Keegan Thompson (V-S) 4th place, 11.55

-Axl Hoepner (V-S) 6th place, 11.63

-Drew Sayers (B) 9th place, 12.21

1600 meter distance medley relay

-Union (Ryan Bowers, Cole Bellinger, Kendall Putz, and Lake LeBahn) 3rd place, 3:59.90

-V-S (Brooks Erickson, Landyn Rowe, Phillip Kalina, and Cameron Karr) 6th place, 4:06.56

400 meter dash

-Sam Griffith (V-S) 4th place, 55.53

-Alontae Wilson (V-S) 5th place, 55.92

-Brady Ellis (B) 8th place, 1:01.03

4x200 meter relay

-Benton (Aidan Thompson, Austin Timmerman, Lawrence Wallace, and Kaleb Rhodes) 6th place, 1:41.74

110 meter hurdles

-Charlie Dudley (V-S) 1st place, 15.82

-Turner Schroeder (B) 4th place, 16.84

-Jaxson Snitker (B) 5th place, 16.97

-CJ Rickels (V-S) 6th place, 17.27

800 meter run

-Nolan Haisman (V-S) 3rd place, 2:12.69

-Drew Lange (B) 5th place, 2:16.95

-Nathaniel Caldwell (B) 6th place, 2:21.72

-Trent Sivola (V-S) 8th place, 2:24.16

200 meter dash

-Keegan Thompson (V-S) 2nd place, 23.52

-Blake Osborn (B) 3rd place, 23.71

-Axl Hoepner (V-S) 5th place, 24.16

-Jacob Brecht (B) 9th place, 24.23

400 meter hurdles

  • -Charlie Dudley (V-S) 1st place, 57.88. With 0.24 seconds added, 58.12 is tenth all time in school history

-Ethan Weirather (B) 4th place, 1:01.83

-Grant Embretson (B) 5th place, 1:01.94

1600 meter run

-Lake LeBahn (U) 2nd place, 4:51.68

-Dylan Spina (B) 4th place, 5:00.69

-Aiden Harris (B) 5th place, 5:02.26

-Cameron Karr (V-S) 7th place, 5:17.62

4x100 meter relay

-V-S (Bryce Kaplan, Alex Pladsen, Sam Griffith, and Brooks Erickson) 5th place, 47.93

-Benton (Wyatt Bieschke, Aidan Thompson, Will Schmidt, and Kaleb Rhodes) 7th place, 48.43

-Union (Riley O’Connor, Ryan Bowers, Cole Bellinger, and Kendall Putz) 10th place, 50.45

4x100 meter relay (Throwers)

-V-S (Sean Gilbert, Isaac Wiley, Chris King, and Taylor Anderson) 2nd place, 51.46

4x400 meter relay

-V-S (Keegan Thompson, Axl Hoepner, Chevy Burnell, and Charlie Dudley) 2nd place, 3:40.11

-Benton (Turner Schroeder, Grant Embretson, Ethan Weirather, and Blake Osborn) 4th place, 3:44.28

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