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Vinton will be one of the overnight stops for the inaugural Iowa’s ride which takes a July 12-18 across northern Iowa. Riders will stay overnight in Vinton on July 13, arriving from Monticello and departing the next morning for Eldora..

The ride is about 416 miles long beginning at Dubuque and concluding at Rock Rapids. The ride will climb 10,549 feet, according to information posted on the Iowa ride Facebook page.

“We are excited about the opportunity to participate as an overnight stop,” said Melissa Schawn, Vinton Unlimited executive director. “We’ve been quietly putting together a planning team and now that the route is public, we will officially begin our work.

“Stay tuned for more details.”

According to the Iowa Ride website, after departing Dubuque, the ride would overnight in some of Iowa’s smaller communities, with populations in the 5,000s or less. Beginning on Sunday, July 12, Dubuque to Monticello, 48 Miles/2,174 Feet of Climb; Monday, July 13, Monticello to Vinton, 50 Miles/1,698 Feet of Climb; Tuesday, July 14, Vinton to Eldora, 68 Miles/1,798 feet of Climb; Wednesday, July 15, Eldora to Clarion, 64 Miles/1,471 feet of Climb; Thursday, July 16, Clarion to Emmetsburg, 75 Miles/999 feet of Climb; Friday, July 17, Emmetsburg to Sheldon, 78 Miles/1,730 feet of Climb; Saturday, July 18, Sheldon to Rock Rapids, 33 Miles/779 feet of Climb. POPULATIONS, Dubuque 58, 276 / Monticello 3,796 / Vinton 5,257 / Eldora 2,653 Clarion 2,850 / Emmetsburg 3,904 / Sheldon 5,188 / Rock Rapids 2,545