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VINTON – John Schoettmer wants people to stop into his son’s tire store during the Vinton Sesquicentennial to check out some of the things he’s collected over the years.

He’d especially like people to see some of his sweet corn items. Schoettmer has three signs hanging from the ceiling advertising Vinton Sweet Corn Days and barbecue sandwiches.

“So, I figured if we were going to husk corn that if somebody wanted to wander through and look at it it would help promote our sweet corn.

Schoettmer has old milk cans, wire for an old John Deere planter and he’s not even certain what’s upstairs.

Years ago, the Schoettmer tire store was the home for the canning factory. It used to house the entire block. Schoettmer said since 4,000 ears of corn will be served Saturday beginning at 11 a.m., he thought people might be interested in some of the things he’s collected over the years.

When Schoettmer purchased this building of the canning factory, he found pulleys and other equipment used in the sweet corn factory.

The sesquicentennial gets underway Saturday morning with a Civil War encampment at the Vinton Train Depot followed by the Sweet Corn Days Throwback, the Cedar River Parade and the Grand Parade. There will also be a re-dedication of the flag pole on the Benton County Courthouse lawn. There will be life music in Celebration Park from 5 Second Rule and Standing Hampton. ACT I of Benton County performs “The Music Man” at the Vinton-Shellsburg High School Auditorium.

On Sunday, the Civil War Re-enactment continues at the Depot. There will be an Evergreen Cemetery Tour and two more performances by ACT I of Benton County,