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Waverly City Hall

The Mayor and Council have determined that an in-person meeting of the City Council is impossible or impractical due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

When an in-person meeting is “impossible or impractical,” Iowa Code Section 21.8 permits a governmental body to conduct a meeting by electronic means.

The meeting will be conducted by video conference using ZOOM from the Council Chambers. The Mayor and the necessary City staff will be in the Council Chambers. The 7 Council members will not be in the chambers, but will participate via ZOOM conferencing.

The video/audio conference of the meeting will be broadcast on the normal public access channels. We will strive to maintain the quality of the video and audio during that broadcast. Public access is available through this broadcast.

Comments for items that are on the agenda may be made by submitting them prior to the meeting to the City Clerk, Mayor or any of the Council members or by calling 319-596-0179 during the meeting.

Meeting minutes will still be kept and will include a statement explaining why an in-person meeting was impossible or impractical.

A. Call to Order.

B. Roll Call

C. Approval of Agenda.

D. Community Highlight

Recognition of Waverly-Shell Rock High School Girls Wrestling Team 2021 State Championship.

E. Acknowledgment of Appreciation

1. Mayor and Council recognizes former Commission members for their service on Boards and Commissions.

• Brittney Diercks, Economic Development Commission 2017-2021

• Lance Gritters, Planning & Zoning Commission 2017-2020

• Linda Hovden, Historic Preservation Commission 2017-2020

• Linda Schrage, Cable Commission 2010-2020

• Liz Wuertz, Leisure Services Commission 2020-2021

• Mark Hanawalt, Economic Development Commission 2014-2021

• Mary Ventullo, Historic Preservation Commission 2020

• Paula Stevenson, Economic Development Commission 2017-2021

• Peter Newell, Historic Preservation Commission 2014-2020

• Sharon Abram, Golf Course Commission 2011-2021

• Toshia Burrell, Leisure Services Commission 2019-2020

F. Study Session Calendar.

1. Municipal Housing Commission update

2. Review the Historic Preservation 2020 Certified Local Government Annual Report

3. Discussion of Downtown Parking

4. Discussion of Special Election vs Appointment for the upcoming Ward 2 vacancy

G. Reports from Boards and Commissions

1. Economic Development Commission Minutes December 8, 2020

2. Planning and Zoning Commission Minutes January 7, 2021

3. Golf Commission Minutes January 12, 2021

4. Airport Commission Minutes January 14, 2021

H. Staff Updates

I. City Council Comments

J. Mayor’s Comments

K. Adjournment

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