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A. Call to Order

B. Roll Call

C. Approval of Agenda

D. Approval of Minutes

E. Proclamation.

F. Public Comments on Items Not on the Agenda (Please limit your comments to five minutes unless additional time is granted by the presiding officer. All remarks shall be addressed to the Council as a whole and not to any individual member.)

G. Consent Calendar (The following items will be acted upon by voice vote on a single motion without separate discussion, unless someone from the Council or public requests that a specific item be considered separately.)

1. Pay Request from AHTS Architects for the Waverly Senior Housing- 420 Bldg. Project for the amount of $3,002.95 to be paid by Waverly Senior Housing.

2. Pay Request from Steege Construction, Inc. for the Waverly Senior Housing – 420 Bldg. Project for the amount of $190,246.99 to be paid by Waverly Senior Housing.

3. Pay Request from McClure Engineering Co. for the Waverly Municipal Airport Runway 29 Extension – Design/Bidding Services for the amount of $6,483.00.

4. Pay Request from Snyder & Associates for the 4th Street SW Reconstruction 2020 Project for the amount of $16,775.47.

5. Pay Request from Iowa Appraisal and Research Corporation for the Airport Land Acquisition 2012 for the amount of $3,500.00.

6. Purchase of Three (3) Traffic Signal Vehicle Detection Cameras

7. Class E Liquor License for Walgreens.

8. Class B Beer Permit for Waverly Heritage Days.

H. Regular Business

1. Resolution 19-104, Approving a Professional Services Agreement with Midland GIS Solutions, LLC.

2. Darwin Ruttgers and Jes Hamilton of the Waverly Heritage Days Committee will update Council on the 2019 celebration events and dedicate a bench that was

made from the oak tree that was removed in front of City Hall to the City.

3. Resolution 19-102, Approving a Bond Disclosure Policy for the City of Waverly.

4. Resolution 19-91, Approving a Development Agreement with 4 Queens Real

Estate, LLC and accepting deed for Parcel FF.

5. Resolution 19-103, Approving Fiscal Year 2019 Transfers.

6. Resolution 19-105, Appointing UMB Bank, N.A. of Kansas City, Missouri, to

Serve as Paying Agent, Bond Registrar, and Transfer Agent, Approving the

Paying Agent and Bond Registrar and Transfer Agent Agreement and Authorizing

the Execution of the Agreement.

7. Resolution 19-106, Amending the “Resolution Authorizing the Issuance of

$3,500,000 General Obligation Bonds, Series 2019, and Levying a Tax for the

Payment thereof”, Passed and Approved on March 4, 2019, by Substituting a New

Resolution therefor, Authorizing and Approving the Issuance of the Bonds, and

Levying a Tax for the Payment thereof and Approving the Tax Exemption

Certificate and Continuing Disclosure Certificate.

8. Resolution 19-107, Approving Contract with AHTS Architects for Design

Services for the Bremer Avenue Streetscape.

9. Resolution 19-108, Accepting a Sanitary Sewer Main Easement from Robert

Denny and authorizing payment to Denny Pursuant to the Development


10. Resolution 19-109, Approving an Application to the Iowa Department of

Transportation for State Recreational Trails Funding and Directing Execution of

Said Application by the Waverly City Council.

11. Resolution 19-110, Approving Amendment No. 3 for Engineering Services with

McClure Engineering Company for 20th Street NW Improvements 2020.

12. Resolution 19-111, Approving Change Order No. 1 for the Exchange Building

Renovation portion of the South Riverside Park Improvement Project – Phase 1.

13. Approval of the Mayoral Appointments.

I. Reports from Boards and Commissions

J. Staff Comments

K. City Council Comments

L. Mayor’s Comments

M. Executive Session

1. To discuss the purchase or sale of particular real estate only where premature disclosure could be reasonably expected to increase the price the governmental body would have to pay for that property or reduce the price the governmental body would receive for that property.

N. Adjournment