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Bremer County museum

The Bremer County Historical Society Museum will open at 1 p.m. Wednesday, May 5.

The Bremer County Historical Society Museum, conveniently located at the corner of Bremer Avenue and Fourth Street Northwest in Waverly will open for the 2021 season Wednesday, May 5.

Built in 1862 and listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, the building once served as a hotel and stagecoach stop.

The Museum’s three floors accommodate:

• The Veterans’ Room is filled with artillery, uniforms, pictures and letters from various wars in the United States’ history, which pays tribute to the Bremer County men and women who have served their country as part of the armed forces

• The School Room transports you back in time to those almost forgotten days of one-room school houses and the teachers who somehow made it work

• The Log Cabin Room is taken from the original Erwin Koschmeder farmhouse, which was dismantled and moved from the north of Knittel, a ghost town located 11 miles east of Waverly

• The Lawyer’s Room is home to the building’s notorious ghost. Did Emma Cronin, a young single mother, act in self-defense when she fatally shot J.F. Stevens on June 5, 1883? Or did Stevens, a married man who Cronin said misrepresented his intentions, deserve his final demise? Legend has it Stevens’ spirit remains at the former Waverly House hotel where he is presumed responsible for unexplained footsteps, knocking noises, as well as opening and closing of window shades

• Artifacts from various Bremer County towns can be found throughout the Museum. Janesville – the oldest municipality in the county, Readlyn – a railroad town famous for its annual Grump Days festivities, Tripoli – guaranteed to be mispronounced by those unfamiliar with the area, Sumner – the easternmost city in the county, Denver – famously acclaimed as “The Mile Wide City”, Frederika – takes its name, as does the county, from Fredrika Bremer, the world-famous Swedish novelist and pioneer feminist, and Plainfield – an early stop on the north-south stage line that connected Cedar Falls, Waverly, and points north.

The museum season runs through Oct. 30 and is open to the community Tuesdays through Thursdays from 1-4 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 1-4:30 p.m. Members of the community can visit the museum for $5 and students ages 6-17 for $3. Members of Bremer County Historical Society and children ages 5 and younger visit free.

They now offer season passes for families and individuals. It offers flexibility, with frequency and duration of visits, to better accommodate family and individual needs. These new passes provide unlimited visits during the 2021 season – family passes are $40 and individual passes are $20.

For more information, visit the Bremer County Historical Society website at:

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