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For mother Crystal Harms and daughters Hannah Lazens and Amanda McCormick, all owners of the Pink Daisy Boutique in Waverly, 2021 is looking up. The boutique has received a fresh look with new renovations, including a storefront with accessibility for wheelchairs and strollers, an addition of industrial piping to the wall to display clothes from and a large, colorful rug. The elimination of eight clothing racks has provided more space for shopping.

“Everyone seems to really like it,” Lazens said.

As a business owner, Lazens said there’s always something new to learn. Experimentation, evaluating change and tweaking things that aren’t working are all important aspects that come with owning a shop. Lazens has started to experiment with posting boutique-related videos on her personal TikTok account, seeing how the boutique can best use the platform to promote itself. She’s posted two videos so far and looks forward to making more in the future.

Business in January boomed more than past Januaries the Pink Daisy has seen since it opened in September 2016. Lazens said 2020 was difficult for many people, and perhaps this January was busier for the Pink Daisy than past ones  because people want to start the year off with a “bang.” The interest in finding new pieces for wardrobes is welcomed, and the boutique has regularly been posting new items on their Facebook page. With spring just around the corner, floral, leopard and pink prints have found their ways onto the Pink Daisy’s clothing racks.

Lazens shares that while Harms, McCormick and her share similar opinions, their differing tastes bring a good variety of styles to the store. Fashion has been a large part of the family’s lives, and Lazens fondly remembers shopping-filled Saturdays.

“We kind of started playing around with the idea of opening a store,” Lazens said. “We started talking about that, and then within two weeks we were looking at a building, and it all just fell into place.”

Being open for about 4 1/2 years, the Pink Daisy has narrowed down the brands it offers. Lazens shares that these brands are ones they love and feel are the best quality. Much of the clothing the boutique offers is casual, comfortable and cute – items customers can wear every day and get lots of use of. Kankan jeans are one of the boutique’s most popular products, so much so that they’ve tripled their inventory of the jeans. Colorful, fun tops are also popular.

At the beginning of the year, the boutique shifted to more comfortable loungewear for a while. Lanzens hopes that for this spring, the boutique can order products like dresses if events spark up again.

The Pink Daisy’s atmosphere is one Lazens describes as fun and relaxing. Customers can come into the shop knowing they won’t be pushed to buy anything. Lazens shared that customers are like friends and family, and sometimes they just stop in to talk. The boutique appreciates its clientele, some of whom have supported the boutique since its opening.

“We’re laughing every day in here,” Lazens said. “We always say it doesn’t feel like work.”

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