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Supplemental State Aid for Schools: The House passed out 2.4% SSA for FY 22, which is a $36.5 million increase for schools bringing total SSA to about $3.4 billion. The state cost per pupil goes from $7,048 to $7,227. Also included is a $10 increase in per pupil equity to narrow the District Cost Per Pupil (DCPP) gap.

School transportation funding received an increase as well in the amount of $800,000. All of this was agreed on by the Senate. A separate amount, a supplemental funding amount, will be decided on and passed out soon. That is intended to cover additional costs incurred by districts this school year that offered in person learning.

Online Commercial Driver License (CDL) Renewal: This makes permanent the online renewal option for CDL’s offered during the pandemic.

Microchips: This prohibits employers from mandating their employees be microchipped.

Child Care “Cliff Effect”: Some employees cannot take raises or promotions at their workplace because they would lose their child care assistance benefits. This bill restructures those benefits to encourage employees to take advantage of those career opportunities and get off state assistance.

Child Care Tax Credits Increase: This bill increases the maximum Iowa net income threshold level for purposes of calculating the Iowa child and dependent care credit and the early childhood development tax credit on your individual income tax return. The income threshold is currently $45,000 and will go to $90,000. This will allow more Iowans to claim the credit.

Revenge Porn: A person whose private intimate images are disclosed by another, without permission, may bring a civil lawsuit against the discloser.

Lifetime Trout Fishing License: The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) can issue a lifetime trout fishing license to a person 65 or older for a fee.

State Rep. Sandy Salmon is a Janesville Republican who represents House District 63, which includes all of Bremer County and the northern portion of Black Hawk County outside of Waterloo and Cedar Falls. She can be reached at 319-987-3021 or

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