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After attending the fair meeting (Nov. 18) and listening to all the comments about where they should locate, I came away with mixed emotions.

I do feel the Champions Ridge site is still the best for the fair if the ball groups are out there, too.

During the fair, they would be able to use the restroom facilities that the ball groups would have; they would be able to use all the parking places that the ball group will have available, plus the 150 camping spots that will be at this site, also. Plus, this would provide a partner to help pay for the infrastructure costs.

One other aspect is that if we don’t move to Champions Ridge, both groups will have to pay back all the donors, plus pay for more construction documents at a new site, which are already paid for at Champions Ridge.

By having both groups together during a youth tournament, it gives the kids a chance to check out the fair facilities during game breaks. Hopefully, a sheep or a cattle show or 4-H classes are going on at the same time to give these young kids exposure to what the fair has to offer.

As far as the ball groups, the city is proposing to build some diamonds at the (Cedar River) Parkway complex, and according to Mayor Soash, they will be building three adult diamonds, also, all at taxpayers’ expense. That new facility won’t provide the ability to have major Little League or adult tournaments, but does meet the goal of having diamonds to sponsor major tournaments. WE will continue to use the facilities in Waterloo.

Lots of things to think about and what is the best long-range answer for both groups, the city and the taxpayers.

Dean Mitchell is the owner of Mitchell Insurance Agency in Waverly and is a longtime member of the Waverly Softball Association.