Special Collection Week for the pickup of large and bulky items begins Monday, April 23. 

The fee(s) for these items, such as tires, appliances, furniture, carpeting, lawn mower, etc., must be paid in advance at the Public Services Center (next door to the Recycling Center) or at the Public Works Administration office in City Hall. (The $25 Special Pickup fee is waived during these two weeks.)

Also, yard waste will be picked up from your curb during the two weeks of April 23 – May 4 (not necessarily on your garbage day). Garden waste must be in biodegradable bags and sticks are to be tied in bundles that are no longer than 4 feet and no more than 1½ feet in diameter. There is no charge for collection of yard waste.

For more details, visit Public Works on the City of Waverly’s website at www.waverlyia.com or call 352-9065. Details are also available in our Spring newsletter that you received last month.