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Leaving the town that built her has never been a passing thought.

For Corrie Ramige, Waverly will always have a special place in her heart — it’s why she went to school here, raises her children here and is building her career here.

Ramige, who now resides just a few miles outside of Waverly in Shell Rock, recently became Bartels Lutheran Retirement Community’s new marketing and development coordinator, following the retirement of Barb Bridges in September.

Working for Bartels for the past three years, Ramige started out as the development associate, working alongside Bridges. When Bridges neared retirement, Ramige was glad to take what she had learned and use it in her new role.

“I have always been in the field of helping people in some sort [of way],” Ramige told Waverly Newspapers. “I have really fallen in love with this job and this company as a whole.”

Bartels Retirement Community offers a wide range of services — which makes for a full plate for Ramige.

Eisenach Village offers 60-plus townhouse-style independent living facilities alongside Eichhorn Haus, which provides retirees with the opportunity to live on their own in one- or two-bedroom apartments with one meal per day and light housekeeping. There are also assisted living facilities and a newly-opened memory care facility with a special unit designated for the care of those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. In-home care and skilled care are also available through Bartels.

“We have a continuum care where residents can start as an independent and never have to move off our campus,” Ramige said.

Love of her job goes beyond what Bartels requires of her for another reason, though. Ramige lost her mother when she was in high school to a hard-fought battle with cancer. Since that point, Ramige knew leaving her father and the life she has always known wouldn’t be an option — and now she and her father, Bill, are closer than ever.

Bill Strottman works part time for Bartels driving their care van, and Ramige loves the fact that she gets to work so close to him.

“[My dad] actually works here as well,” Ramige said with a laugh. “He retired in 2000 and now he drives the van at Bartels, so it’s wonderful, because I get to see him on a daily basis.”

Ramige and her husband, Lucas, are also raising three children in the area — Sally, 12, Colt, 6, and Kate, 4.

“Waverly’s just a great community,” Ramige said. “We have a lot of opportunities here. There’s just a great support system here in this community — I just never had a desire to leave. I knew this would be a great place to raise a family.”

When she isn’t busy with daily meetings and working on getting the Bartels name out in the community, Ramige fills in her days with helping to plan holiday parties for residents and staff and determining marketing needs for various community activities. She is also a W-SR school board member and co-chair of the Shell Rock Diving for Dollars campaign. Her favorite part, though, is the smiles she gets as a ‘thank you’ for the hard work she puts in.

“My most favorite part is interacting with the residents and the second piece to that would be connecting with our donors,” Ramige said. “Whenever you can touch base with them and make that connection, it’s really nice. It benefits me being a Waverly person — I love those personal connections [...] I would have no desire to work in a community where I don’t know anybody.”

Currently serving around 200 residents and employing over 200 staff, Bartels is a thriving community that continues to grow. With the addition of Aspen Cottage in September and new job openings anywhere from kitchen staff to CNAs, Ramige is excited about the work that Bartels is doing for the Waverly community.

“We have a lot of really great donors in our community as well as outside our community,” Ramige said. “I’m constantly in contact with donors, encouraging the relationship to continue — we’re able to be the amazing facility that we are because of our donors, because we have people out there that are willing to support us.”