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Missing tree

The stump in the middle of the two trees in the background near the former sewer plant at Brookwood Park was where a third evergreen tree once stood before someone cut it down and took it away earlier this week.

A missing tree from Waverly’s Brookwood Park, which may have been targeted as a seasonal gift, is adding a sour note to the spirit of the holidays.

The approximately 12-foot high evergreen just south of the Green Bridge was part of a trio of trees planted in front of the old sewer plant building by the disc golf course.

Garret Riordan, the city’s leisure services director, said his staff noticed Monday the tree had been cut down.

It is unclear exactly when the tree was chopped down.

A few residual branches just below where the tree was severed, mark the spot where the evergreen once stood.

Capt. Jason Leonard, of the Waverly Police Department, said in his law enforcement career, he had never heard of a tree in a city park being cut down in this fashion.

Leonard said someone may have cut it to use as a Christmas decoration, but the act may carry charges such as theft and criminal mischief.

“It is a tall tree and you need fairly high ceilings to display it,” he said. “It will be a costly Christmas gift when we catch the culprit.”