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When it comes to three or four lanes, and weighing in on the debate, some have asked, "Where does the Chamber stand?"

As a member-focused organization, the Waverly Chamber of Commerce is like a small community. We have members who represent a variety of businesses, non-profits, service groups, churches, individuals, and education partners. And they come to the table with very different points of view. This is most certainly true about the lane configurations on Bremer Avenue.

For the Chamber that means that we don't have a position on how the road should be striped because there is no agreement within the membership. And that's good with us.

But it means that we do come together around the areas where we agree: working hard for the prosperity of our members and our entire community. It means we as an organization work to promote Waverly shops and service providers - the very folks who strive to make a living and impact by giving patrons what they want.

It means we invite all to come together at community events like Concerts in Kohlmann, Christmas Greetings on Main, Ridiculous Days, and visiting Santa in his O.G. Tiny House in the park. And it means we promote tourism so visitors coming to town can experience the very things we love about this spot on the Cedar River.

We acknowledge that our members and our neighbors have ideas, desires, and opinions that are different from others. This allows us to take the first step toward working through heated issues. We all generally want similar things for our town, and diverging beliefs and opinions inform our collective direction.

Now, as a community we must continue to support our neighbors and friends who work to make this a better place: shop owners and operators, service providers, non-profits, restaurant and bar owners, the Mayor, City Council, and city employees, and everyone else who puts in the countless hours it takes to make this a great place. It also means reinvesting our money locally by shopping, dining, and contributing to causes we care about. And, it means focusing our thoughts and conversations on the good things we agree on, while working through our disagreements in a way that seeks to improve our community for the greatest impact.

Thank you for your commitment to Waverly, no matter your level of involvement or investment. You, in your own way, help make Waverly a place to be proud of for generations to come.

Phil Jones is the vice president and general manager at Rada Manufacturing and current president of the Waverly Chamber of Commerce board. He previously was the Waverly City Administrator.