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WAVERLY – Waverly-Shell Rock turned in an impressive performance during the North Central Tennis Conference tournament Saturday.

W-SR placed second in the team standings with 30 points.

The Go-Hawks’ No. 2 doubles tandem of sophomores Grace Gaede and Elizabeth Frerichs placed first.

Gaede (No. 3 singles), Frerichs (No. 6 singles), junior Ellie Neuendorf (No. 2 singles), sophomore Alexis Gielau (No. 4 singles) and freshman Maddie Leary (No. 5 singles) each finished second in their respective brackets.

Decorah won the team title with 44 points. Charles City placed third at 25, followed by Osage (16), Clear Lake (15) and Oelwein (5).

Leary and Frerichs received sportsmanship awards in their respective singles brackets.



Team Scores

1. Decorah 44, 2. Waverly-Shell Rock 30, 3. Charles City 25, 4. Osage 16, 5. Clear Lake 15, Oelwein 5.

Singles results

No. 1: Skrade, Decorah, first; Schwartling, Osage, second; Kellogg, Charles City, third; Meyer, Clear Lake, fourth; Willis, W-SR, fifth; Alber, Oelwein, sixth.

No. 2: Peterson, Decorah, first; Neuendorf, W-SR, second; Litterer, Charles City, third; Groeneweg, Clear Lake, fourth; Smith, Oelwein, fifth; Swenson, Osage, sixth.

No. 3: Brauer, Decorah, first; Gaede, W-SR, second; Viers, Charles City, third; Olson, Osage, fourth; Gerstenberger, Oelwein, fifth; Mennenga, Clear Lake, sixth.

No. 4: Holland, Decorah, first; Gielau, W-SR, second; Haus, Charles City, third; Olson, Osage, fourth; Finer, Clear Lake, fifth; Albrecht, Oelwein, sixth.

No. 5: Kjome-Johnson, Decorah, first; Leary, W-SR, second; Roberts, Clear Lake, third; Faulkner, Charles City, fourth; Meier, Osage, fifth; Schmith, Oelwein, sixth.

No. 6: Bibler, Decorah, first; Frerichs, W-SR, second; Willadson, Charles City, third; Jackson, Clear Lake, fourth; Neilsen, Osage, fifth; Rownd, Oelwein, sixth.

Doubles results

No. 1: Peterson/Brauer, Decorah, first; Kellogg/Viers, Charles City, second; Schwarting/Olson, Osage, third; Willis/Neuendorf, W-SR, fourth; Meyer/Groeneweg, Clear Lake, fifth; Alber/Smith, Oelwein, sixth.

No. 2: Gaede/Frerichs, W-SR, first; Skrade/Holland, Decorah, second; Gerstenberger/Albrecht, Oelwein, third; Swenson/Olson, Osage, fourth; Faulkner/Litterer, Charles City, fifth; Mennenga/Finer, Clear Lake, sixth.

No. 3: Kjome-Johnson/Johnson, Decorah, first; Roberts/Jackson, Clear Lake, second; Haus/Willadson, Charles City, third; Gielau/Hauber, W-SR, fourth; Meier/Neilsen, Osage, fifth; Schmith/Rownd, Oelwein, sixth.

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