Now that the Legislative Session for 2021 has concluded, I have been doing interviews with various news outlets to provide a recap for Iowans on what we accomplished.

One question I continue to get in every interview is “What are you most proud of?” So I thought I’d answer that question in this week’s newsletter.

The truth is, there is no easy answer. It’s hard to pick one thing to be proudest of because we accomplished so much. However, everything we did had a common theme. We followed through on exactly what we said we were going to do on the campaign trail.

Iowans sent a clear message last November when they elected Iowa House Republicans to a 59-seat majority, representing 97 out of Iowa’s 99 counties. Iowans liked what they heard from our caucus on the campaign trail. This session, we proved yet again that we will follow through.

We said we’d provide greater parental choice in education. We did.

• We required schools to offer parents the option of sending their kids 100% in person.

• We established an additional path for the creation of public charter schools.

• We eliminated school districts’ ability to deny a student’s request to open enroll by citing diversity plans.

We said we’d invest heavily in broadband expansion. We did.

• We appropriated $100 million towards broadband expansion to address broadband deserts and increase speeds.

We said we’d deliver tax relief. We did.

• We guaranteed income tax cuts for Iowans in 2023.

• We eliminated the inheritance tax.

• We shifted mental health funding off of property taxes.

• We doubled the child care tax credits eligibility.

We said we’d support law enforcement. We did.

• We passed an expansive bill to increase protections and support for law enforcement while giving them additional tools to keep our communities safer.

• We increased funding for the Department of Corrections and the Department of Public Safety by record amounts.

• The Department of Corrections received a $20.5 million increase in funding while the Department of Public Safety receive a $10.4 million increase.

• We created a new Public Safety Equipment fund and allocated $5 million to ensure Iowa law enforcement has the equipment they need to do their jobs as safely as possible.

We said we protect the integrity of our elections. We did.

• We passed an omnibus bill that provides for greater uniformity our election laws, makes it harder for bad actors to cheat, and orders regular maintenance on voter databases to protect against fraud.

We said we’d expand access to quality affordable child care. We did.

• We provided an “off-ramp” from Child Care Assistance so Iowans can phase off of the program instead of having to deny a promotion or raise.

• We doubled the child care tax credits eligibility.

• We raised child care provider rates in the Health and Human Services budget.

• We allowed in-home child care providers to accept an additional child, particularly helping those in the rural areas.

I can go on and on, but I think you get the picture. Iowa House Republicans delivered on the promises we made. And that is what I am the most proud of.

State House Speaker Pat Grassley is a New Hartford Republican representing House District 50, which includes portions of Butler and Grundy counties. He can be reached at