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I would like to thank the citizens of Waverly for showing their confidence in my leadership by having twice elected me to serve on City Council.

I am seeking re-election this November, and I am asking for your vote. As one of two at-large members, it has been my privilege to serve you, and it is an honor to be asked to run again by so many citizens.

During the past six years I have striven to listen to you, to learn from you (by listening to all voices), and to lead by making difficult decisions with the overall public good in mind. In that process I have worked hard to be responsive to your concerns and transparent in explaining my deliberations; I have used common-sense in my decision making.

Waverly is a fabulous place to live. It is so because of all of us, the citizens. We have squarely faced challenges and acted on them both wisely and expeditiously.

During my six years in office, the City Council, in concert with our city administration, has addressed a multiplicity of civic issues. We have maintained and improved our infrastructure.

The completion of the new dry-run project, together with the new, inflatable dam, has taken approximately 650 homes and businesses out of the floodplain. We have replaced the water and sewer mains beneath Bremer Avenue, thereby better serving our downtown businesses and beyond.

We have completed the Cedar River Parkway and 20th Street Northwest/Fifth Avenue Northwest railroad crossing improvements. Our Sidewalk Inspection and Maintenance Program is a systematic plan to make our walkways accessible and safe for children and all pedestrians in Waverly neighborhoods.

Our Leisure Services staff is replacing hundreds of dead and dying ash trees, while drafting future plans for beautiful park improvements. Through City collaboration with Council, granting agencies and private partnerships, we have built a beautiful Dog Park. The list goes on.

Of course, for any city making progress, as Waverly has, one encounters sensitive and sometimes controversial issues. What matters, though, is that we have the same end-goal in mind: building a town where we all have the opportunity to thrive. And to get there, we must work together as a team, even when we disagree.

During the last two years, in particular, the atmosphere at council meetings has taken on a climate of respect and productive collegiality. I have worked hard to help create and maintain that spirit. We must listen to and learn from each other. I pledge to you that I will continue in this same spirit.

I have been happy to be part of a city government and decision-making process that moves Waverly forward in a measured and healthy way. Waverly is enjoying steady, sustainable growth. I want this momentum to persist. I will do my best to continue to contribute to Waverly’s progress with my skills, abilities and vision for our shared future in Waverly.

I am eager to serve you in the next four years and ask for your support when you cast your ballot.

Edith Waldstein is an at-large member of the Waverly City Council who will be running for re-election. She can be reached at

Edith Waldstein is an at-large member of the Waverly City Council who will be running for re-election. She can be reached at