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Monroes in Canada

Mackenzie and Micah Monroe visited Athabasca Glacier in Canada. Micah Monroe has been hired to be the new assistant principal and athletic director at Janesville Consolidated School, starting at the beginning of the 2019-20 academic year.

A northeast Iowa native is returning close to his roots to take over the No. 3 administrative position with Janesville Consolidated School this coming fall, at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year.

Micah Monroe, currently a physical education teacher at Shuler Elementary School in Waukee, has accepted an offer to be the assistant principal and athletic director, taking over for the departing Travis Temple.

A 2003 graduate of Union High School, Monroe grew up in Dysart and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology in 2008 and a Master’s in Educational Administration in 2014, both from Iowa State University.

“I’m really familiar with the area, still have a lot of family — all of my family still lives in the Dysart and La Porte City area, as well as my wife’s family,” Monroe told Waverly Newspapers by phone on Friday, April 5. “We had a plan that we wanted to get back closer to family, and so the opportunity came up in Janesville, and we got pretty excited about it. I’m happy to get closer to family and be in a great school district.”

Monroe and his wife, Mackenzie, have been married for four years, having been wed in October 2014.

Originally, his career aspirations were to get into athletic training. He did some work with Cyclone athletes and from other schools during his undergraduate days.

“I realized that working with younger students was my passion and my calling,” he said. “I decided to get into education, and I had been doing some coaching on the side when I was growing up.

“I wanted to get into coaching and physical education was such a great fit.”

While attending Union, Monroe coached many youth sports, including basketball, flag football, as well as the Dysart community swim team. He also participated in interscholastic basketball and golf, played the trumpet in the school band, was a bass in the choir, performed in musicals and plays and wrote some sports articles for the Dysart Reporter.

His career has taken him so far to the College Community School District in Cedar Rapids and the Metro Nashville (Tennessee) Public Schools, before landing in Waukee, where he also coached with the Warrior boys’ basketball team, under Justin Ohl.

He said his varied experiences between the Hawkeye State and Music City will help him as a Wildcat leader.

“All of my teaching experiences have really given me kind of a broad look at education and a broad look at schools,” he said, “and being able to see a lot of different schools and how different administrators do things has really given me an understanding and an appreciation for what a school administrator does.

“I’ve had some really great administrators that are really some great mentors and friends who have helped build and develop my skills and understanding of the administrative position, and they’re kind of my… as a mentor, I kind of strive to do the kind of do the things that they have been doing.”

He said the same goes for those he learned under during his high-school, undergraduate and graduate-school days in La Porte and Ames.

He will be working side-by-side with Superintendent and High School Principal B.J. Meaney and Elementary Principal Krista Pugh. He’s looking forward to having them as his colleagues.

“In the short time that I’ve been able to talk to them, they just seem like great people,” Monroe said. “I’ve talked to a lot of people that know them and have been excited for me to get this opportunity in Janesville, saying, ‘There are great people that work there, great administrators, and that they really work close as a family at that school.’

“I’m excited to be able to join that family and do my best to help move Janesville in the right direction.”

The district has just begun an expansion project that will add more classrooms and a new high school competition gymnasium. Monroe said when he saw the details of it that he thought the community has given great support for the school.

“You don’t see that everywhere,” he said. “It’s great to be joining a community that has voted and shown that they really want the best for their students and for the future of Janesville.

“Being able to see that there’s that kind of support and see that there’s growth and good things that will keep rolling for this school district, it’s exciting to be able to come into that.”

Monroe said he’s most looking forward to becoming a part of the school staff.

“Get to know the teachers, get to know the students and just become a member of that family up there,” he said. “I’m excited to see what’s going to come, with all of the support and all of the great things that are happening, not only with the athletics program, but with the school and the Leader in Me initiative that they’re going through.

“I’m just excited to be part of that growth and see everything keep going.”