Thanks for supporting the W-SR Foundation Garden Tour

To the Editor:

The Waverly-Shell Rock Community Schools Foundation would like to thank everyone who supported the W-SR Community Schools Garden Tour on July 11.

Mike and Marilyn Block, LeRoy and Carla Rops, Bob and Kris Brunkhorst, Bill Hemmes, the Waverly Public Library, and the Augusta Circle Neighborhood Garden Association spent lots of time, money and effort to showcase their lovely outdoor spaces. The Foundation Board of Directors would also like to thank our business partners: Greenspaces Lawn and Landscape, Tiedt Nursery, Eckers Flowers and Wells Hollow for their help sponsoring our event.

We would also like to thank KWAY Radio for the promotion and Security State Bank, Fidelity Bank, First Bank and Meyer Pharmacy for their help with advanced ticket sales. Special thanks goes to Waverly Newspapers and Anelia Dimitrova for her two feature, front-page articles about our event.

Pencil in July 10, 2022, for a potential date for next year.

Roger Wilcox

Waverly-Shell Rock Community Schools Foundation secretary


Someone’s doing their jobs

To the Editor:

Some law enforcement dept in Bremer County still has enough gumption to enforce the speed limit, and crash prevention laws, which is more than I can say for some of the counties.

There’s one kind of good enforcement missing in the whole state of Iowa, which is their failure to enforce the law of those “purposely altered pick up truck exhaust systems that make more noise than no muffler.” There’s no enforcement on this obnoxious noise, even though there is a law against it in 321.436 (or there used to be) entitled “to prevent noise.”

Several years ago, I asked the Waverly police chief why it isn’t enforced? He told me no one ever asked him to enforce it, and made excuses.

No one ever tells law enforcement to do those nanny tobacco compliance programs of deceit and entrapment. No one ever tells them to enforce that dark window law (which they’ve become hyper about lately). They’re so afraid someone inside the vehicle might have a gun. Do you think dark window enforcement is for “citizen safety,” or is it more for “officer safety?” The same for seat belt enforcement. They know seat belted occupants cannot easily get a gun into action and out the window.

New Subject:

Withdrawing U.S. forces from Afghanistan will result in Taliban taking over control and murdering and enslaving the citizens. Women forced to wear burkas. If the U.S. cannot do anything with the Taliban then how could the U.S. do anything with Russia or the communist China? We’ve become weak. Was our battle in Afghanistan an “effective war to win,” or was it just “a politically correct war”?

Herman Lenz



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