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What’s Rep. Salmon’s position on sedition?

To the Editor:

After the shameful riot by President Trump’s supporters at the Capitol last week, I’ve been watching the responses of the half-wit seditionists as more are being caught and having to face the music of their actions. I saw an awful lot of whining and “I’m so sorry” or “my bad” mea culpas. They seem surprised that they would be subject to any sort of consequences. White supremacist bigots are funny like that.

It’s been infuriating watching the right proletariat try to deflect that this is all an antifa plot against God Fearing Trump Americans™ as many on Facebook seem to believe, instead of being a poorly planned white supremacist putsch instigated and encouraged by President Trump. It’s also not a surprise that he’s throwing all his most devoted supporters under the bus anyway to save his own butt from inciting a riot, impeachment or other potential legal actions.

With the president belatedly (and obviously under extreme pressure) acknowledging his loss, I’m hopeful his longtime fan girl, Rep. Salmon, will accept the reality the rest of us live in and give up her fight to see the election overturned over non-existent voter fraud. As she said on her Dec. 28 Facebook post:

“I continue to remain hopeful and prayerful that President Trump would be able to remain in office as our President for another 4 years. We must stand up and fight for it. No one else will do it for us. More evidence of massive fraud and other violations of law, enough to overturn the election, continue to come to light as days go by.“

Her recent Facebook posts show she’s still living in fantasy land, clinging to her fever dreams of election fraud and that pious, upright Trump followers would never do something like this with zero mention of the people that died during the insurrection. Of course, she continues to blame “The Left™” for sapping the will of the electorate for this when the actual perpetrators are her fellow travelers. And it’s sad that, at least on Rep. Salmon’s public social media posts, so many residents of Bremer County have the same allergic reaction to reality.

Considering Mrs. Salmon’s vocal support of Blue Lives Matter, I’m sure she can come out with a statement denouncing the acts of these domestic terrorists against Capitol law enforcement, resulting in the death of one officer and injuries to many more. She and Republican leadership in Des Moines could also issue a statement condemning Trump supporters for sedition and insurrection in our nation’s Capital and accepting that the election was a fair one. A statement to her local paper disavowing the shameful events of her fellow cosplay freedom fighters would be a start.

I’m not holding my breath.

Daniel Brown


America was attacked

To the Editor:

On Jan. 6, 2021 – a date which will live in infamy – the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by President Donald J. Trump’s gang of misfits, domestic terrorists and insurrectionists.

Mike Leedom


Another day of infamy

To the Editor:

Jan. 22, 1973, could also be proclaimed: ”A Day of Infamy” just as the Honorable Chuck Schumer related the Invasion of the House of Representatives last week to when the Japanese invaded Pearl harbor in 1942. Less than half a dozen lives were lost last week and less than three thousand at Pearl Harbor but millions of innocent lives have been lost due to the action of the Supreme Court on Jan. 22, 1973. Every day there are thousands of unborn lives destroyed due to the usurpation of the Legislative process by the Supreme Court of 1973

And for the first time since that Black Monday of Jan. 22, 1973, we have a president who actually has tried to stop the federal funding of abortion and defund the biggest provider of abortion, Planned Parenthood to stop the slaughter of the innocents. And they want to impeach him. They, the powerful sophisticated political people tried unsuccessfully to impeach him on fraudulent Russian implications for four years and now because a peaceful rally got out of hand due to less-than-normal police protection of the House of Representatives. Have they no shame?

Edna Brunkhorst


Blame the ‘top man’ for violence

To the Editor:

That violent attack on the nation’s Capitol can be blamed on the “Top Man” (and you know “who” I mean), the people and those face news places that kept spewing out those false accusations of “voter fraud” and “they stole the election.” The radicalized followers really believe those lies. They should all be prosecuted and imprisoned for inciting violence.

That “fire of violence” isn’t going out immediately. Hitler knew how to “radicalize his followers” to do violence, and he had “faithful followers” even after he was dead.

I hope the inauguration of (President-elect Joe) Biden is done in a private and secure place, away from the crowd, and only TV cameras allowed, so as to prevent another blitzkrieg from radicalized terrorists. There still are too many of them around that think they have a duty to raise some hell.

The TV pictures of that terrorist event should be reran slightly before the 2022 and 2024 elections, to remind voters of the radicalized Republicans, and there wasn’t even one Democrat in that hateful mob.

Herman Lenz


We can no longer ignore the

threat of right-wing militia

To the Editor:

Jan. 6, 2021, will live on in infamy as the day that homegrown terrorists accomplished what the 9/11 terrorists failed: a direct attack on our Congress, the legislative branch and our democracy.

Wielding white supremacist symbols and paramilitary gear, right-wing extremists broke into the Capitol. They assaulted police officers, killing at least one. They terrorized elected officials and their staffs, who hid under tables and in safe rooms. They disrupted the democratic process of certifying our election results, a sacred rite. And they did it while livestreaming and with glee – for the whole world to watch.

The president, while the violence was unfolding, told the traitors, “We love you. You’re very special.” It took several hours to secure the Capitol building and the safety our elected officials, while they begged for backup from the National Guard.

We are at a moral crossroads. We can no longer ignore the threat of right-wing militia groups. Our elected officials must publicly denounce violence in no uncertain terms and renounce the lies that have fueled it.

Our Justice Department must move swiftly to charge those who participated in this attack, including by conspiring with or inciting violence. And the American people must stand behind our new duly elected president, President-elect Joe Biden. The future of our country depends on it.

Carissa Froyum



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