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W-SR bond is chance to move forward

To the Editor:

As a member of the W-SR Facilities Task Force that recommended renovation of Shell Rock Elementary and construction of two new elementary schools in Waverly, I urge you to vote in favor of our school bond issue March 2.

The Waverly and Shell Rock communities are both enjoying steady growth in population. As a former AEA employee who now drives a school bus in retirement, it has become abundantly clear to me that our elementary schools are too small to accommodate K-4 elementary class sizes.

We have portable buildings outside of Carey Elementary and Southeast Elementary that were intended to be a stop-gap solution to overcrowding. Two of our elementary schools have no air-conditioning. HVAC systems are in need of repair. Security systems in all buildings need to be upgraded to ensure student safety. Existing school campuses are too small to allow for safe parking by parents and bus drivers.

Now is the time to move forward. The school district will pay off existing general obligation bonds by 2023 and interest rates on bonds are low. Therefore, our proposal would have a net-zero impact on property tax rates.

This bond issue represents a sensible solution that will provide long-term benefits for our children and our local communities.

Harold (Jay) Colsch


Bond vote will help with space

To the Editor:

On March 2, our community has an opportunity to vote on a school bond question. If approved, the bond would allow for the building of two new elementary schools in Waverly. It would also enable the district to make necessary improvements at Shell Rock Elementary and the high school.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve had the pleasure of spending time in our schools as a parent, volunteer and substitute teacher. In that time, it has become increasingly clear that space in our elementary buildings has become a pressing issue. Recent growth across the district has led to capacity challenges in our school buildings. While community growth is exciting, it’s time to respond by increasing elementary school capacity while significantly improving the quality of the school experience for our youngest students.

Furthermore, if done in this election cycle, the proposal on the ballot would have a net-zero property tax rate impact.

In short, the bond issue question represents a sensible solution that will provide long-term benefits for our children and community as a whole. I encourage my fellow residents to vote March 2 to ensure a bright future for the students of Waverly-Shell Rock.

Lisa Nelson


Party loyalty is blinding some

To the Editor:

I believe our two-party system is dividing this country. Some people will vote for candidates only because of the party. I’d vote for the one I think is best for the country, not the party. That’s what makes democracy work.

Just by talking to some people who are strong Republicans, I feel it is their religion that is influencing them to be Republicans. I fail to see how Trump is an example of religion unless lies, money and power are a religion. I know of one religious organization for sure that is pushing Republicans because I was handed a paper telling me who to vote for. But I voted Democratic this year. Then the minister told me you can’t be a Democrat and a Christian. That is not right, that is not separation of church and state. I am not registered in either political party. I have voted for Sen. Grassley in the past, but that has changed since he became a strong Trump supporter. In the future, I cannot support either Sen. Grassley or Sen. Ernst.

I have a dislike for Mitch McConnell since the first time Trump ran for president. He did not like Trump, and someone asked if he was going to vote for him. He said, “I guess that I have to, he’s my party.” He does not deserve to represent the people if he thinks more of his party than country. At least he is honest in saying that Trump is responsible for his actions while in office.

Fritz Heine


GOP should be renamed

To the Editor:

The “Republican Party” should be renamed “the Trump party.” The Senate’s refusal to convict him is the greatest example of “jury nullification of the charges.”

Google search for “fully informed jury association” for info on “jury nullification.” It’s something most citizens don’t know anything about. It’s jurors voting “not guilty” when they know the defendant is guilty.

If Trump would gun down all Democrats, many or most Republicans would refuse to convict him. Stalin, Hitler, Mao Zedong and other tyrants knew how to “fanaticalize and radicalize” their masses to make them blindly follow such tyrants. Hitler had faithful followers, even after he was dead.

Herman Lenz


Kudos on Bodensteiner’s W-SR AD appointment

To the Editor:

I was very pleased to read that Mr. (Greg) Bodensteiner had been appointed Waverly-Shell Rock athletic director.

For me, it seems that female athletics had finally come full circle with the appointment of a girls coach as the leader of all athletics at the high school. I remember 45 years ago, when there was no girls basketball, summer softball, track or cross-country

During my first year at W-SR, there was still a rumble of discontent at the very idea of girls getting equal time with male athletics; gym time and even track time. It was rumored that several male coaches had talked about resigning in protest and that two school board members had voted against the girls because sports (excluding tennis and golf) were “unladylike.” Both those board members were women.

Those first few years were challenging for both the girls and the coaches; success was always the goal for the sport and the athlete, respect would only come thru a positive attitude and hard work.

I coached 80 seasons, all female athletes, in my 25 years at W-SR. I owe a great deal to the girls with which I worked; the early ones put up with a great deal: Positive attitudes and a strong work ethic ultimately won out.

Those girls, through trial and tribulation, set the stage for those who followed and for the many successes earned by them. Again, congratulations, Coach Bodensteiner. Your leadership will take W-SR through the tough times to follow. Onward and upward!

Dick Pollitt


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