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It’s time for Grassley to speak up

To the Editor:

An open letter to Sen. Chuck Grassley:

Sen. Grassley, now is the time that can define your legacy. As history is written about the era of the Trump presidency, you are in a prime position to be on the correct side of history, to set aside party politics, set aside your professional ambitions and for you to stand up for what is right for America. Stand up for the Constitution. Stand up for the rule of law. Stand up for what is just and most of all, stand up for America.

Without me reiterating, relitigating or re-enumerating all of the violations of law, violations of norms, violations of his constitutional powers and violations of decency that Donald J. Trump, the most unpopular president ever, has foisted on us, the people of Iowa and the people of the United States, it is time for you to speak up.

Speak up for decency, condemn hateful sexist speech, speak up for upholding the Constitution, speak up for what has always been judged as right, correct and honest in America. Speak up about the sovereignty and greatness of America.

Speak up about risks we face from foreign aggressors and foreign election meddling. Speak up for the threat of climate change. Speak up for fair taxation. Speak up against gerrymandering which has helped to keep you in office for many long years. (Editor’s note: Sen. Grassley is elected by the entire state, not a single district.) Speak up for the right of voters to choose their elected officials, rather than the elected officials choosing their voters.

Sen. Grassley, you know the issues. Sen. Grassley, you know what is right. Sen. Grassley, the bar should not be what is not unlawful, it should be what is not awful.

Sen. Grassley, reaffirm the goodness that got you first elected in 1981. Do it for Iowa, do it for America. Speak up. Now is not the time to be silent. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for a good man to do something.

Maurice B. Campbell



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